Complete Compilation List of KPop Fandom Names and Their Meanings!


ASTRO – Aroha

the A and RO come from ASTRO, while HA comes from the Korean word hana, meaning one or only. which mean the fans are their one and only. The more simple explanation is AstRO + Heart + All fans equals AROHA. The fan colors are Vivid Plum and Space Violet.

ATEEZ – Atiny

The fandom name  a combination of ATEEZ + DESTINY, simply meaning that ATEEZ and, someday, their fans, are destined to meet.

B1A4 – BaNa

BA comes from B1A4, while NA represents fans. it means ‘we have fallen in love with each other‘ in Hangul. The fan color is Pastel Apple Lime.

Block B – BBC

It stands for Block B Club, the block, itself, can be interpreted as a fence, but the fans also go by honeybees. The fans won’t move and always stare at Block B. The fan color is Black and Yellow Stripes

BtoB – Melody

BTOB stands for Born to Beat. The melodies are needed to make music, so the group needs their fans to make music and give support. The fan color is Slow Blue.

CLC – Cheshire

The Cheshire Cat is a fictional character from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.” He is famous for his distinct, mischievous grin.


Boice is a combination of the words Blue and Voice, their fans are their voice. The fan color, unsurprisingly, is Blue.

Dreamcatcher – Insomnia

InSomnia is a combination of In and ‘Somnia’, which means dreams in Latin. the meaning that fans will always be together making happy memories in their dreams. The group just announced the fandom’s official colors in June, 2019, and they are Pantone Black 6 C, Pantone 7623, and Pantone P 10-6 C.


BLRIS’s meaning is described as a combination of the words Bliss and ELRIS,  ELRIS and their fans are each other’s bliss.

FT Island – Primadonna

Prima Donna is their first album. which means that fans are heroes in their lives. The fan colors are Sunshine Yellow and Black.

(G)I-DLE – Neverland

Neverland is the place of imagination in Peter Pan, where people do not change and live forever as children. The fan colors are Neon Red & Chic Violet.

GFriend – Buddy

The meaning the group is conveying with their fandom name is that they are friends of their fans, as well. The fan colors are Cloud Dancer, Scuba Blue, and Ultra Violet.

GWSN – Groo

Groo means stump in Korean. You can always see trees in the park and can relax under them. So, like trees, ‘Groo’ means ‘People who always support and stay with GWSN’.  The fandom is represented by four Pantone colors: 203, 121, 2247, and 297.

Hello Venus – Hello Cupid

Hello Cupid is defined as a god of love. Fans will give more love to Hello Venus. The fan color is Lime Green.


Junhyung explained the meaning of Light, saying, “Let’s be light with each other. That means.”  Highlight and fans provide mutual support in any situation. The fan color is Dark Grey.


WIZ means genius or witch,  and represents a wizard who will support the future of IZ * ONE and also holds the meaning that IZ * ONE and the fans are one.

JBJ95 – Jjakung

Bring happiness between idol and fans, and they will continue to be happy forever.

KARD – Hidden Kard

Hidden Kards were a pre-debut project. The name has been important for Kard from the beginning of thir debut. Kard gave hiDden Kard the D, the last piece of KARD.

Chungha – Byulharang

Byulharang describes the stars with Chungha, the moon. Byul, which means star, Ha comes from the name Chungha, and Rang, which means with Bintang with Chungha.

Laboum – Latte

A latte is sweet coffee, and the group’s fans who are a source of enthusiasm for Laboum.

LOONA – Orbits

Orbit comes from our words (ours) and bits (light in Korean). So, Orbit means fans are a light for LOONA.

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