Complete Compilation List of KPop Fandom Names and Their Meanings!


2PM – Hottest

This fandom name refers to the fact that fans and 2PM are always compact and active, they will continue together despite many troubles. The fan color is Metallic Grey.

Day6 – My Day

My Day which means DAY6 and fans are important because they fill each other every day.

INFINITE – Inspirit

Comes from the words “in” and “spirit”, Inspirit indicates that fans will be there to support INFINITE, whether they are physically present or not. The fan color is Pearl Metal Gold.


iKONICS fill the space between iKON. iKON has iKONICS and iKONICS have iKON. B.I said “It means that fans become one with us“. The fan color is Orange-Red.

TVXQ – Cassiopeia

The constellation Cassiopeia is made of five points that create a W in the sky. The Cassiopeia fanclub refers to themselves as Cassies, for short. The fan color is Pearl Red.

Akdong Musician – Aunts and Uncles

Aunt for fangirsl, uncle for fanboys. Calls are addressed to fangirls and fanboys to be easy to remember.

Apink – Pink Panda

Pink Panda is a combination of the Korean word for ‘fan’ (paen) and the group’s name. The fan color is Strawberry Pink.

AOA – Elvis

ELVIS was chosen as the name for the fandom for three main reasons: It is the name of AOA’s debut song and it is being remarkable for the fans and for the group.

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