All You Need to Know About F(X)’s Luna’s Diet, Workout, and Her Secret of Weight Loss!

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As an idol, Luna must keep her body and looks perfect. it is mainly because idol has many fans that admire and sometimes follow their idol lifestyles. although it sounds harmless, sometimes idol must take an extreme dietary due to their hectic activities. Luna is one of those idols who took extreme diet method to get quick results.

Beauty Standard Of K-Pop Female Idols

South Korea has a strict beauty standards for female K-Pop idol. it is not unusual if we often see them so skinny and has a fair skin. most of these idols should have at least v-shaped jaws, big eyes, small lips, fair and flawless skin, straight eyebrows, slim posture and so on. there is also an aegyo sal, which is some small fat under the eyes, to make them look younger.

To become an idol, some Koreans are brave enough to do a plastic surgery in order to have these standards. although not many of them are admitting to the fans, afraid they might be judged harshly. as we all know, some Korean netizen are very strict when it comes to judge these idols. for example, Kyla from the Pristin girl group, was often be judged for her figure. they attacked her with comments like “What was Pledis thinking? Why did they debut this kind of thing? There are truck loads of prettier, skilled, and more desperate girls.” it is very rude and harsh, thankfully Kyla does not respond to these kind of comments.

The standards itself are made to make a perfect image for idol, because they are the ones that the fans look up to. most of the die hard fans usually will follow their lifestyle even if it is not good for them. some fans even dare to do plastic surgery to make them prettier like their idols. this proves that the Korean beauty standard really does have huge influence for South Korea citizens.

f(x)’s Luna’s Body Transformation

Luna is known for her muscular legs and chubby cheeks. but, due to her extreme diet method, she lost so much weight that it does not look healthy at all for her. Luna’s fans even show their concern about their idol, trying to encourage her to gain weight to look healthy.

Luna’s Extreme Diet

when it is a time for an idol having a comeback, they usually try to lose their weight in order to have perfect visual on stage. Luna is one of the idol who plan her diet just a week before her comeback stage. it is unhealthy for someone to lose weight in a flash, it will ruin the body metabolism and of course it is not recommended for a common people like us.

in one of her vlog in her YouTube channel, she confess that she is fast at gaining weight. therefore she still has to cut her carbohydrate intake to make her body stay slim. in some of her vlogs, she shared her experience in extreme dieting. from only drinking  2 large bottles of water with sliced lemons and green tea for a week, until eating only 350 grams (12.5 oz) of raw vegetables.

when doing such extreme diet, she is still maintain her activities even doing some exercise. it is not healthy for her to force her body doing so many activities without proper nutrition. so, it is not recommended for those who wants to lose weight, it is highly suggested to eat nutritious meal and doing proper exercise to lose weight. on that note, we cannot lose weight in such a short time, unless we are terminally ill.

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