Complete Compilation of EXO’s Suho’s Fashion Style That You Need to Know!




Meet EXO’s Leader, Suho

Who doesn’t know about EXO? I bet you’ve heard about this boy-group at least once, right? Suho is the leader of the group. His real name is Kim Jun-myeon (김준면), but he doesn’t want to use this name as his idol name because ‘Myeon’ means ramen in Korean. Although ‘Kim’ and ‘Jun’ have good meanings, he still chose to use Suho instead of his real name. He was born on May 22, 1991 in Seoul. He became the first member of EXO and joined SM Entertainment as a trainee when he was 16 years old.

Suho graduated from a prestigious school and he played golf while he was a middle school student. He lives with his family in Apgujeong-dong (압구정동), which is a ward of Gangnam-gu in Seoul. Gangnam is already known as the place where the richest people live in South Korea, so it’s safe to conclude that Suho comes from a well-off family. Not only rich, Suho has the whole package.

Suho graduated in the top 50 students of his entire school while he was a trainee, which is really awesome because it required excellent time management. As we know, a trainee’s life is really busy, plus he was a high school student preparing to enroll in  university. He then enrolled in Kyung Hee Cyber University in 2012. Also in 2012, EXO made its debut and Suho became the leader of the group. EXO debuted with MAMA and, since then, they’ve always produced great music and performances every year. Let’s check out Suho’s style in each EXO era!

Suho’s Awesome Styles Through Every EXO Era (Predebut – 2018)

Before talking about his stage style, let’s take a look at his personal style. Lately, when he’s offstage Suho’s often spotted wearing a white T-shirt from various brands such as Off-White, Bianca Chandôn, and Maison Kitsune. It shouldn’t be a surprise, since he comes from a wealthy family and he’s also the leader of a very popular boy-group, that some of those simple T-shirts cost over $100. Check out his latest airport fashion (190707) in Incheon Airport after EXO came back from the Hong Kong SBS Super Concert.

One fashion item that we often see him wearing is hat. Either a baseball cap, bucket hat, or a beanie, although he’s most often spotted in a baseball cap. Let’s see one of his styles with a hat.

Now let’s move on to charismatic Suho’s styles in every EXO comeback!


Let’s start with baby Suho pictures. He looks so cute and pure here.

Most of his teenage pictures show him wearing a school uniform or shirt. Now, I dare you not to laugh at Suho’s teenage “confident”.

Of course, we can’t forget this iconic photo of pre-debut Suho.

Wait, after this you will see pre-debut Suho’s abs, from when he had a photoshoot.

MAMA – EXO Debut (2012)

EXO debuted with 2 sub-units, EXO-K (Korea) and EXO-M (Mandarin). Suho is a Korean, so he was part of EXO-K. Their debut song was MAMA and the group released versions both in Korean and Mandarin.

From EXO’s official website for this mini-album, Suho has this casual style. He wears a nice sweater and jeans. His hairstyle is different in these two pics. In the first one, his hair is fluffy and black. In the second photo, his hair is dark brown and longer in the front.


In the MAMA music video, Suho has dark brown hair and The Brick Rock style. He wears a black leather jacket with a black top and jeans. In the video, Suho has water as his superpower.


Let’s check out the MAMA video by EXO-K and watch the cool choreography!

How about we take a look at one of Suho stage styles?  His jacket is a statement, with star details and plenty of bling. Underneath the jacket he wears a black shirt painted with a silver skull and military pants. His hairstyle is the same as in the music video.


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