CLASS:y Jimin Full Profile, Fun Facts, Official Debut

CLASS:y Jimin

Everything You Need To Know About CLASS:y Center Won Ji-min Full Profile Here!

Do you know about CLASS:y that debuted with “SHUT DOWN”? If you haven’t known about it yet, they are a South Korean girl group that made their Korean debut on May 5, 2022, under M25. CLASS:y will be promoted in South Korea and Japan, so they announced having 7 years of contract with the agency as well.

CLASS:y (hangul: 클라씨) has 7 original members line-up with Hyungseo, Chaewon, Hyeju, Riwon, Jimin, Boeun, and Seonyou. In this article, Byeol Korea has detailed information about one of CLASS:y’s members, Jimin, who was known as the group’s center and the 1st finalist of ‘My Teenage Girl’. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about it in the article below!

CLASS:y Jimin Profile

CLASS:y Jimin

Real Name : Won Ji-min (hangul: 원지민)

Stage Name : Jimin (hangul: 지민)

Birth : November 25, 2007

Star Sign : Sagittarius

Height : 172 cm (5’8″)

Weight : 51 kg (112 lbs)

Blood Type : AB

Position of the group : Main Vocalist, Center

Nationality : Korea

Official Site :

  • Instagram (@sun_u08)
  • YouTube Channel ([Sunflu] Sun U)

CLASS:y Jimin Fun Facts

  1. CLASS:y’s Jimin received rank 1 on survival show MBC’s ‘My Teenage Girl’
  2. CLASS:y’s Jimin’s MBTI is ESFJ
  3. CLASS:y’s Jimin’s nickname is Pearl and Wonji
  4. CLASS:y’s Jimin’s personality is cheerful and bright
  5. CLASS:y’s Jimin’s habit is touching her hair a lot
  6. CLASS:y’s Jimin’s advantage is full of confidence
  7. CLASS:y’s Jimin’s disadvantage is lazy
  8. CLASS:y’s Jimin’s favorite member is Chaewon, because she is cute and motherly
  9. CLASS:y’s Jimin loves “Black Mamba” by aespa
  10. CLASS:y’s Jimin admires IU
  11. CLASS:y’s Jimin is good at random dance play
  12. CLASS:y’s Jimin’s motto is “Never give up, just keep trying”
  13. CLASS:y’s Jimin was an anti Mint Chocolate, but now she’s a Mint Chocolate lover
  14. CLASS:y’s Jimin is very confident according to the members
  15. CLASS:y’s Jimin’s all time favorite song is “Hope Not” by BLACKPINK
  16. CLASS:y’s Jimin likes bubble tea
  17. CLASS:y’s Jimin’s song dream of becoming an idol because of Miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl”
  18. CLASS:y’s Jimin has a routine of eating yogurt and drinking pocari sweat & corn silk tea
  19. CLASS:y’s Jimin’s nickname is ‘God-Baby
  20. CLASS:y’s Jimin had never learnt how to sing prior to ‘My Teenage Girl’
  21. CLASS:y’s Jimin had never learnt how to sing
  22. CLASS:y’s Jimin has been accepting follow requests on her Instagram throughout the show. However, it has been believed to be her parents who are always accepted friend requests and managing the account
  23. CLASS:y’s Jimin described herself with the hashtags: #Leader, #PowerVocal, #Funny_Laughter
  24. CLASS:y’s Jimin  is very close with Lee Young-chae and Kim Ri-won
  25. CLASS:y’s Jimin was born and raised in South Korea
  26. CLASS:y’s Jimin’s  motto in ‘My Teenage Girl’ is “Never give up, just keep trying”

Well, that was all for the information about CLASS:y’s Jimin and everything you should know about her. Let’s keep sending her a lot of love and support, so her career will shine even more in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming articles from Byeol Korea!