Have Your Heard The Latest News Of BTS V? Find Out More About His Appearance!


Your Daily Dose of BTS V Check Out His Latest News!

BTS is currently a global icon. They have been seen at prestigious music award ceremonies and on famous talk shows. BTS members have become friends with popular celebrities. The boy group released their latest album, Map of the Soul 7, in February 2020. Since releasing the album, the group is currently preparing their world tour, which will reach the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Among the BTS members, V gained extra popularity for his handsome face and his extroverted personality. He isn’t the one that shies away from attention. Apparently, he also has been improving his English with a mobile application. Let’s find out more about his recent activities!

In this article, Byeol Korea will talk about BTS V’s latest news. So stay tuned!

Wearing Matching Pajamas With Jimin


V and Jimin were playing around and making fun of each other before their bedtime, and they were wearing different colored checked pajamas. Fans quickly noticed that the pajamas were made for newlyweds. However, V and Jimin looked very comfortable in their cute pajamas.

Showing Of His Speech in English


V is one of the most talkative members in BTS. Although his pronunciation needs a slight improvement, he has the courage and intention to speak and improve his English. During interviews, he never hesitates to sit at the front row and answer some of the questions by himself. RM, who has the best English skill, could be seen nodding and looking proudly at his friend. Sometime during the night, when the other members are resting, V is looking at his mobile phone and practicing his English using a mobile application.

When doing interviews, other members retreat or hide behind RM, but V oftentimes answered the questions. It seems that he understands the questions and the point of interviews really well. Most of the time, his English is broken. He spoke a few words, but rarely spoke in long and complicated sentences.

Went Viral After His Photos With Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande’s diehard fans were curious about the person that sat next to her on a photo she uploaded to her Twitter account. Ariana Grande was rehearsing when BTS knew about her location. At the time, the BTS members were practicing in a building next door. After hearing about the information, the members visited Ariana at her rehearsal set. The brightest stars in the global music industry were aligned, and they took a picture to commemorate that alignment.

Ariana Grande posted the picture on her Twitter account, and suddenly the post became viral. Female fans were asking about the person with headband and dressed in the white training suit. Most of them were curious about his identity. He looked very handsome with his mysterious stars. The person was none other than BTS’s V. He sat right at Ariana Grande’s side.

On several occasions, at various award shows, BTS was asked about the artist that they want to collaborate with. At the time, V and RM answered that Ariana Grande was the artist.

Held Live Streaming With A Bare Face

Celebrities usually do live streaming wearing full makeup. It was totally different with BTS’s V. Occasionally, he greeted BTS ARMY from his hotel room with either very little makeup, or with a totally bare face. On the live streaming sessions, he talked about his activities and recent struggles, and thanked fans for all of their support for BTS. Since V has a small face, youthful look, and fair skin, we agree that he is among a few celebrities that are brave enough to stream with a bare face.

Eating A Burger With Choi Woo-sik


BTS’s V and actor Choi Woo-sik are very close friends. They love hanging around and eating out together. When they are going out to eat, both V and Choi Woo-sik love eating burgers. Korean-Canadian actor Choi Woo-sik and V met and walked around in a sunny neighborhood in Los Angeles. Choi Woo-sik had just won a Screen Actor Guild Award for the Best Ensemble Cast category. After taking a walk, they sat at a beautiful street side garden-park and started eating their burgers. The clip of them walking around on a beautiful sunny day in Los Angeles was uploaded to BTS’s official Twitter account. They captioned it “It is unbelievable, This guy is the winner at award show.

Wearing His Favorite Celine T-shirt

BTS’s V looks good in every outfit, from formal and informal suits to stage outfits to casual outfits. There is one specific shirt that he loves so much that he wears it anytime and anywhere. He loves wearing his white Celine Classic T Shirt. The shirt is very simple, casual, and comfortable, and has the retail price of $450 USD. He has worn the shirt during an online broadcast, rehearsing, on stage, backstage, and almost everywhere else. Sometimes he pairs the shirt with an oversized black suit. On Celine’s official website there are similar styles, but with different colors or different prints. The shirts sold for between $415 to $455 USD.


New Curly Hairstyle

V showed his fresh new curls when leaving Korea on November 21, 2019. His curly hair made him look much younger, but mature at the same time. He smiled widely while photographers and fans took his picture. It appeared that BTS was heading to Japan for a fan meeting event. When he arrived at Gimpo International airport, V brought along his precious pet, a dog name Yeontan. He shyly walked to the airport since it was the first time that he showed his new hairstyle. His curly hair looks slightly messy, but cute and fit his face perfectly.

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