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Full Compilation and Picture of BTS’ Jungkook’s Using Red Hair That You Don’t Know!

BTS' Jungkook Byeol Korea 1
Jungkook Red Hair

Get Closer With BTS’s Jungkook When Dyed His Hair With Red Color

For idols in Korea, it is not weird, or even unusual, for them to dye their hair in various colors, from dark colors, light colors, or even a combination of many colors that is similar to a rainbow. In the case of BTS’s Jungkook, he’s one of the members who mostly dyes his hair brown or some other dark color. So, it was very unusual for Jungkook to dye his hair red, and we definitely can’t forget about it!

Are you curious to see how Jungkook looked he had red hair? Let’s do a throwback to when Jungkook had red hair for his promotions and other activities!

BTS’ Jungkook’s Red Hair’s Post Appreciation

Jungkook Boy in Luv

There are only a few occasions where Jungkook dyed his hair red. The first one was when BTS promoted their mini album Skool Luv Affair. To be more specific, he dyed his hair a burgundy color during that era, but looked much more red than purple. Even among idols, red isn’t a typical color to choose. It’s unique and makes people wonder if it will look good on them because it stands out so much. Jungkook clearly pulls it off and looks amazing with it!

Let’s take a look at Jungkook’s photos where he was rocking red hair during the Skool Luv Affair era.


Jungkook Skool Luv Affair

In this photo, we can see Jungkook’s photo for BTS’ 2nd mini album, Skool Luv Affair. Even though he still had a baby face, he looked more manly as a redhead.

Jungkook Skool Luv Affair

In this photo, Jungkook’s hair looks more brown than red, because of the lighting. However, he still looks good in it and it just added to his good points while he was performing on the stage!

Jungkook Skool Luv Affair

In this photo, we can see his brownish-red hair up close, as he gives a cute smile. He looks gorgeous in red hair.

Besides during the Skool Luv Affair era, Jungkook surprised fans when he dyed his hair red for the Lotte Family Concert! Unlike the red he chose for Skool Luv Affair, which is more  burgundy and looked almost brown sometimes, this time he chose a fiery red! Even though the color is so bright, he managed to pull it off and not look weird. Rather, he looks even hotter with that color! Let’s take a look at some photos of Jungkook in red hair at Lotte Family Concert.

Jungkook Lotte Family Concert

Quite different from the Skool Luv Affair era, Jungkook has become more mature and his aura also changed. To top it off, his hair gave him a more manly look and brought out his sexy charms to the fullest!

Jungkook Lotte Family Concert

Even though he’s more mature, Jungkook still hasn’t lost his baby face. In this photo, he’s smiling cutely as he fixes his stage outfit.

Jungkook Red Hair

Here’s another great photo of red-haired Jungkook.

Jungkook Red Hair at Lotte

When we look at this photo that was taken by fans, it takes a little time for us to realize that he’s a human, not a character from a comic!

Jungkook Lotte Family Concert

In this photo, there is nothing to say but he looks hot. Due to the lighting, his hair color somewhat looks purplish but in the end, it still suits him and makes him looks mesmerizing.

Even though it’s not common for Jungkook to dye his hair red, once he does it, it looks just right and fits him perfectly!

What do you think about Jungkook’s red hair? Do you think that the color fits him and it is better for him to dye his hair in red? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about BTS’ Jungkook’s red hair on the comment section!