BLITZERS Wooju Full Profile, Fun Facts, Etc.


Everything You Need To Know About BLITZER Youngest Member Full Profile Cho Wooju Here!

There are a lot of K-Pop groups that made their debut from year to year, whether it comes from the K-Pop girl groups or boy groups, they are all well prepared to present a fresh new concept to fans. Likewise with one of the newcomers in 2021 who debuted under WUZO Entertainment, which is BLITZERS!

BLITZERS (hangul: 블리처스) officially debuted on May 21, 2021, with 7 original members line-up with Go_U, Juhan, Jinhwa, Sya, Chris, Lutan, and Wooju. They released their 1st EP titled ‘BLITZERS 1ST EP ALBUM’ during their debut. In this article, there’s detailed information about a member of BLITZERS who also has the position as the younger member, which is Cho Woo-ju. Let’s get straight to know his full profile and fun facts in this article below!

BLITZERS Wooju Profile


Real Name : Cho Wooju (hangul: 조우주)

Stage Name : Wooju (hangul: 우주)

Birth : January 21, 2004

Star Sign : Aquarius

Blood Type : O

Position of the group : Vocalist, Maknae

Family Member : Parents, Younger Brother, Cat (Leo)

Education :

  • Goyang Arts High School (Acting Department / transfer school)
  • Seoul Performing Arts High School (Department of Theater and Film / Attended)

Nationality : Korean

BLITZERS Wooju Fun Facts

  1. BLITZERS’ Wooju was officially revealed on March 24, 2020 as a member of BLITZERS
  2. BLITZERS’ Wooju’s MBTI is the Mediator (INFP)
  3. BLITZERS’ Wooju’s foot size is 265 mm
  4. BLITZERS’ Wooju’s identity number is 95
  5. BLITZERS’ Wooju’s nickname is “Spacecho.”
  6. BLITZERS’ Wooju’s animal that represents him is a fox
  7. BLITZERS’ Wooju thinks the word that describe him best is “Fox”
  8. BLITZERS’ Wooju’s charm points are his innocence and cuteness
  9. BLITZERS’ Wooju would be the ability to stop time if he were to have a superpower
  10. BLITZERS’ Wooju would become an actor if he wasn’t an idol
  11. BLITZERS’ Wooju’s favorite movie genres are action and melodrama
  12. BLITZERS’ Wooju would like to act in a drama like ‘Reply 1988’ if he had given a chance
  13. BLITZERS’ Wooju relieves stress by listening to music
  14. BLITZERS’ Wooju’s favorite song is “It’s You” by Henry
  15. BLITZERS’ Wooju puts the soup first in ramen
  16. BLITZERS’ Wooju can make himself cry in under 10 seconds
  17. BLITZERS’ Wooju can see himself still dancing and singing with fans in 10 years
  18. BLITZERS’ Wooju practiced more on singing than dancing and he’s been trying to correct his pronunciation errors
  19. BLITZERS’ Wooju’s been practicing the song “Last Dance” by BigBang
  20. BLITZERS’ Wooju says “Jinhwa hyung recently started watching a drama called ‘Scarlett Heart Ryeo’. He’s the type to end a drama once he watches it. So Jinhwa has been watching a drama when brushing his teeth and eating. Usually, when we watch dramas, we focus on the actors’ performances rather than the sound. But when he needs two hands, he just listens to the sound instead of the screen, and then he does his work!”
  21. BLITZERS’ Wooju like to wear colorful pajamas
  22. BLITZERS’ Wooju relieves stress by practicing, especially when he turns off lights and practices. When he does this, he feels great about himself
  23. BLITZERS’ Wooju’s role model is NCT’s Doyoung because he wants to be able to sing like him
  24. BLITZERS’ Wooju replies with “I’ll show you my skills and charms, so if you wait a little longer, I’ll show you my best!” when he says something to his fans
  25. BLITZERS’ Wooju said he likes mangoes

Well, that was all for the information about BLITZERS’ Wooju and everything you should know about him. Let’s keep sending him a lot of love and support, so his career will shine even more in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Byeol Korea!