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ATO6 Park Hong Full Profile, Fun Facts, Official Debut

ATO6 Park Hong
ATO6 Park Hong

Everything You Need To Know More About ATO6 Sub-Vocalist Park Hong

Do you know about South Korean groups where the members are models? If you don’t know about them, they are ATO6, a group that was produced by Kwon Hyun-bin, and all the members are models under YG K-Plus Entertainment. ATO6 (hangul: 에이투식스) has 5 original members line-up and they debuted with a single titled “Runway” on February 24, 2021.

In this article, we will get to know more closely about one of the members of ATO6 who also has a position as a sub-vocal and sub-rapper of the group. Do you know who is he? He is ATO6’s Park Hong! Let’s get to know more about his full profile, and fun facts until the debut era in this article below!

ATO6 Park Hong Profile

Real Name : Park Hong (hangul: 박홍)

Stage Name : Park Hong (hangul: 박홍)

Birth :  Jeonju, South Korea, May 13, 1994

Star Sign : Taurus

Height : 185 cm

Position of the group : Sub-Vocalist, Sub-Rapper

Nationality : Korean

Official Site : Instagram ( dry_kong )

ATO6 Park Hong Fun Facts

  1. ATO6’s Park Hong can beatbox
  2. ATO6’s Park Hong loves painting and Hulk
  3. ATO6’s Park Hong is a Christian
  4. ATO6’s Park Hong shoe size is 275mm
  5. ATO6’s Park Hong’s favorite part of his body is his dimples
  6. ATO6’s Park Hong’s favorite drink is Iced Americano
  7. ATO6’s Park Hong’s MBTI is INFJ
  8. ATO6’s Park Hong’s favorite movie ‘Before Sunrise’
  9. ATO6’s Park Hong’s role model is Choi Sora
  10. ATO6’s Park Hong can do imitation of Byun Heebong from ‘The Host’
  11. ATO6’s Park Hong wants to go on a world tour for a fan meeting
  12. ATO6’s Park Hong’s favorite color is Green

ATO6 Park Hong Debut

The ‘model idols’ ATO6 consists of Kim Hyun-woo, Park Hong, Shin Yong-guk, Son Hyun-woo, Lee Gihyeon, and Yoo Hyun-woo are models under YG K-Plus and some of them already made an appearance as a contestant on Mnet’s ‘Produce 101’. Some of them are quite familiar to music fans as well.

Park Hong, Shin Yong-guk, Son Hyun-woo, and Lee Gihyeon said, “I didn’t have any particular musical activity in mind, but just liked to sing and listen, but the more we work together, the stronger we are.”

When asked about how he feels about his debut as a singer and the difference from modeling, ATO6’s Park Hong answered, “When I debuted on the show, before going on the runway, I remember being so nervous backstage that my heart felt like my heart would explode. When I was walking, I felt like I couldn’t hear anything.”

“Even though I already debuted as a singer, but have not been performed on stage yet, so I am a little bit confused. When we were filming a music video, I tried lip-syncing for the first time, but the shape of her mouth didn’t come out as expected, so it was a bit difficult,” he said.

The differences between a model and a singer are also felt by him, “It’s a different color from when I debuted as a model, but it’s hard to describe in words. It’s a strange feeling.”

Their debut song, “Runway”, also has a killing point, ATO6’s Park Hong explained, “We were talking about lyrics amongst our members, but our main job is to be a model, so I thought it would be good if we talked more as a singer.”

“Kwon Hyun-bin also listened to our opinions, and when we think of models, the first thing that comes to mind is the runway, which is the point of the song. The killing point is probably the chorus. Among the chorus, the highest treble part is the killing point,” ATO6’s Park Hong’s said.

What do you think ATO6’s Park Hong’s debut era?

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