List of Top 20 Most Popular Songs of Boy Band BOYFRIEND That You Should Listen To


In this song, BOYFRIEND shows a more mature and different concept from before. This song was released in 2014. In the music video, BOYFRIEND shows themselves as vampires who are eyeing and bewitching a girl who have made them mad to be lovelorn.

Witch was included in BOYFRIEND’s third mini album, of the same name. The upbeat song is written and produced by Sweetune, with a music video directed by HONG WonKi (Zany Bros). This song can be good recommendation for you!

Don’t Touch My Girl

Don’t Touch My Girl is the second single from BOYFRIEND. The single was released on October 5, 2011. The physical album was released on October 6, 2011. This pop-dance number left fans amazed at seeing their transformation by wearing army or military clothes.

The music for Don’t Touch My Girl is very exciting and great to dance to. In this song, they uploaded two video versions, the first was for the music video and the second is the dance version.


This very popular song was released on March 9, 2015, and is one of the singles from their fourth min-album, titled Boyfriend in Wonderland. The song is an addictive pop song with powerful rap.

Bounce is inspired by the story of “Alice in Wonderland”, and in the music video the members look so trendy with unique clothes and make-up that’s artistic. Energetic choreography helps the song to look perfect.

Just like their other songs, Bounce is about how they’re convincing the woman that they love to get close to them. Because this song has powerful music, the song is often heard as the intro or backsound of TV programs, or dramas.

To My Bestfriend

To My Bestfriend is very meaningful for their fans, who are called ‘Bestfriend’. This special song was released for their fifth anniversary as a group, which was on May 16, 2016. A colorful music video featuring the members having fun on the seashore of Jeju Island, gives a very sweet impression.

Jeongmin produced the song himself. This song contains an expression of the group’s gratitude to their fans (Bestfriend), who had provided support for the previous five years. BOYFRIEND doesn’t always show a ‘flower boys’ image, they also come up with mysterious and rather dark concepts. But, in the song To My Bestfriend, they chose a style of music that was relaxed but still enjoyable.

I’ll Be There

I’ll Be There was BOYFRIEND’s third single on December 8, 2011. The song is a special song that they gave to their fans because they had accepted and supported the group when they first debuted.

Shortly after the release of the single, BOYFRIEND also released the music video for I’ll Be There. The music displays a winter atmosphere, and the dance choreography also displays movements in a snow scene. So, look at the music video!


On August 9, 2017, BOYFRIEND released a mini-album after two years spent on hiatus. The mini-album was entitled “Never End”, with the title track Star. They showed their existence in the Korean music industry by releasing Star along with its music videp. In this ballad song, Jeongmin contributed as composer and writter, and the song was directed with Superkiro and Jooheon.

Even though this is a ballad, BOYFRIEND’s concept is darker and more aesthetic. In the music video, the members seemed to show a sad expression and a dance that looked more aesthetic and in accordance with the lyrics sung. This song described the longing for someone that they love, the person whom they considered to be their light and who became a star in their life.


Still showing the concept of dark and adult, in this song they put out their adults side by becoming bad boys, and the music video uses a concept of light and dark.

Obsession comes in style of hip-hop, against a background of wall murals, with the members adorning themselves with tattoos. Obsession’s tempo is still upbeat like others of their songs, and it was paired with a powerful dance.

To listen to what the song is like, please hear and watch the music video below!

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