All Activities of Actor Lee Jun-ki on Instagram and His Latest Updates!

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Get Closer With Korean Actor, Lee Jun Ki!

We can’t forget his amazing acting skills in the popular historical drama, Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, back in 2016, right? Lee Jun Ki became more famous since that drama ended. He plays in several dramas every year, and even in 2020 there are several drama projects that include Lee Jun Ki.

Not only good as an actor, Lee Jun Ki has also worked as a model. He’s done many photoshoots for popular magazines, and sometimes he also was in product commercial (CF). For today’s topic, we’ll take a look into Jun Ki’s official Instagram posts.

So, are you curious about what kind of posts Lee Jun Ki has uploaded on his personal Instagram account? Well then, without any further ado, let’s get into our topic!

Martial Arts Videos and Photos

These days, Lee Jun Ki often uploads a photo or video of himself doing a Korean martial art called Judo. We guess it is one of his hobbies, because we can see Jun Ki always goes to the training center for Judo with his friends.

Let’s take a look on this video below, where Lee Jun Ki and one of his friends were practicing Judo together:

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μ΄¬μ˜ν•˜λŠλΌ μ˜€κ³ μ‹Άλ˜ μ²΄μœ‘κ΄€μ— νœ΄μΌμ— λ“œλ””μ–΄!! μ‚¬λ²”λ‹˜ @lee_gyeongsup κ³Ό κ°€λ²Όμš΄ 뢀상후 λͺΈν’€κΈ°ν•˜λŸ¬ μ²΄μœ‘κ΄€μ— μ™”λ„€μš” ~ ν•œκ²° κ°€λ²Όμ›Œ μ§„κ²ƒκ°™μ•„μš” ~^^ μ—¬λŸ¬λΆ„ 자주 인사 λͺ»λ“œλ €μ„œ λ―Έμ•ˆν•΄μš” 자주 μ†Œμ‹ μ „ν• κ²Œμš”~!! It'S been a long time my family I'm so sorry about that I will be coming here often~! SUPER Thanks😘😍 n miss you so much πŸ˜‚πŸ˜™πŸ˜‰

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It seems that Jun Ki is really good at Judo, right guys? Now let’s take a look at theseΒ  pictures that he took during practice with his friends:

He can even do a perfect split! What about you, can you do splits like like Lee Jun Ki??

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