Complete List Of 14 Female KPOP Idol With Ideal and Dream Body Goals By Byeol Korea!


The Secret Behind Female K-Idol’s Body Goals

Having a perfect body shape is everyone’s dream, especially women. Many women will do anything, either naturally or unnaturally, to make their body shape as close as they can to being ideal or perfect. Especially among K-Idols, before making their debut with their groups, especially girl-groups, all members are required to have an ideal body shape, and even to use strict diets and exercise regimens to make their bodies look ideal.

In this article, Byeol Korea will give you a list of female K-Idols who have an ideal body shape. They also provide tips and tricks on how they manage their diet, exercise, and other activities related to creating an ideal body Want to know more about their secrets? Byeol Korea will explain it all for you, stay tuned!

AOA’s Seolhyun

Seolhyun is a member of the girl-group AOA, or Ace of Angels, formed by FNC Entertainment in 2012. AOA began as an eight-member group, until FNC Entertainment decided to shrink the group down to seven members. Seolhyun is one of the group members who has the best body compared to other members. She has a perfect height and an ideal body weight. She’s often starred in advertisements that showed her ideal body shape. In maintaining her body, Seolhyun really maintains her diet. She said, “I didn’t choose to eat food, even I ate everything I wanted to eat, only a small amount.” Seolhyun also said that she kept eating at night because she could not resist her hunger. “Instead of not having dinner, I chose not to have breakfast. People always say not to miss breakfast and reduce the amount at dinner. But if I eat heavily at breakfast then at dinner I will eat heavily too. I also decided to eat a little at breakfast and eat more at dinner.”

On FNC Entertainment’s Cheongdamdong 111 variety show, it was also revealed that Seolhyun was allowed to eat sweet potatoes, chicken breasts, and boiled eggs. Whenever Seolhyun gained a lot of weight, she would also consume a liquid meal, which means she only drank liquids and didn’t eat food at all. She said, “I went on a liquid/drinking diet and did not eat anything I could chew and swallow, just like a vampire.” However, in carrying out her diet Seolhyun often failed. She has admitted to failing every diet she tried, including the Lemon Detox, Danish Diet, and juicing. She explained that eating what she wants helps her to lose weight, not gain it. The stress of dieting actually causes her to overeat. She also prioritizes exercise as a way to burn calories, she said, “I always used to do squats frequently.” She even demonstrated how she did the squats and went into full-scale squats. Through her gym teacher, the video of how she did her exercise daily was revealed. The exercise especially helps to remove belly fat and shape abs.

Even though many people agree that Seolhyun has a good body, she was insecure with some parts of her body. She confessed, “I feel insecure about my dark skin, sturdy thighs, and asymmetrical face.” Want to have body goals like Seolhyun? You can try her tips and tricks!

Girl’s Generation’s Yoona

Yoona is a member of Girl’s Generation, which was formed by SM Entertainment in 2007. Yoona is known as a visual of her group because she has a very beautiful visual or face. Besides having a beautiful face, Yoona also has an ideal body shape and very fair skin compared to other Girl’s Generation members. In fact, Yoona is known as the member of the group who eats the most, but she still has an ideal body. She revealed that she had no dietary restrictions at night. “No. It’s not that heavy,” she said with a laugh. “If I feel I don’t want to eat at night, I don’t eat. But if I want to, I eat before bedtime.”

She also said, “I eat a lot. Every day the portions are different. But I hear it’s not good to eat before bed. So it’s better to eat before 1 or 2 hours before going to bed.” In addition, Yoona also often drinks water instead of flavored drinks. She does long-duration dance exercise to burn fat. In an interview, she was asked about her diet program before the group has a comeback, and said, “I don’t normally diet. Recovering my health right now is more important. I don’t think about my body, but starting late last year, I became anemic and my stomach hasn’t been in a good condition, I didn’t manage it at all, but it completely changed early this year. I’ve been taking vitamins and omega-3s, and go to the dermatologist regularly. I’m going to continue working hard on exercising, as well.”

Soloist Hyorin

Hyorin was a member of the now-disbanded group SISTAR, formed by Starship Entertainment in 2010. Since its debut, SISTAR was known as a girl group that always used a sexy, yet classy, concept. SISTAR is also known as a girl-group whose members had great bodies, including Hyorin. Besides having an ideal body shape, she also has a very sexy look and aura about her, and is generally thought to be one of the sexiest K-idols. She admitted that she had a strict diet, where people from her company actually watched over her eating habits and prevented her from eating the things she wanted. “They did not want me to eat when I was a trainee and I’m the type who wants to do it even more if someone tells me not to. They told me not to eat so my desires to eat grew stronger. That led to a strange sense of damage and I’ve got a greater appetite.” From then on, she turned herself to exercising.

In addition to maintaining her diet, if there is free time, Hyorin works out to burn calories and stay in shape. She said, “When I promoted, I did weight training at a gym, but these days I can’t be hardcore. I usually just work out at home. There are tons of workouts you can do at home with a simple mat. Even if you repeat simple, consistent moves, you can refine your muscles and tighten your body line.” She also said, “work out every day, even if it’s 5-10 minutes! Just a few minutes will prove effective in the long run. If you’re feeling lazy, just 5 minutes will do. If you’re on a diet where you have to cut back on food, I suggest sleeping a little more. When you’re sleeping, you’re not hungry.”

Ex-SECRET Hyosung

Hyosung was a member of SECRET, a now-defunct girl-group that was formed by TS Entertainment in 2009. SECRET was another sexy girl-group and one of the members who was thought to be the sexiest was Hyosung. Hyosung is often considered one of the female idols with the best, sexiest bodies. She is also a firm believer in the benefits of tofu salad. She writes, “Nowadays, my meals consist of tofu salads. I want to eat rice this week.” One  banana in the morning, two boiled eggs in the afternoon, and one milk in the evening is not uncommon for her. She managed to reduce her weight by 5kg. She stated, “I am currently going back and forth between one-meal-per-day and five-meals-per-day diet plans.” She continued, “Before one-meal-per-day diets became popular, I was already on this program starting last year. I love to eat, so I started one big meal per day, and after one year I lost 5kg.” Hyosung also added, “I do one-meal diet when I want to eat a lot, and five meals diet to maintain my weight.”

As reported by Allkpop, Hyosung revealed the secret to her honey thighs, “It’s because of my muscles. I have naturally formed a lot of muscles from walking around ever since I was little. Since I’ve also been dancing since I was little, my figure is different from those who didn’t exercise. When I was little, I envied those who are of the skinny and delicate style. Because I am chubby and have a lot of muscles, I received a lot of stress. But as I grew older, I formed confidence. I am more confident and not stressed out about it these days. I can only be thankful. I think it’s a happy thing just to be an issue and receive interest as a celebrity.” Shealso surprised fans by revealing her diet involved a lot of eating, “I am the type to eat lot. I think the way is more than the average person. Even though I eat a lot during promotions, I exercise a lot, so I don’t see a change in weight.”

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