ZE:A’s Kwanghee’s Cute Interaction With Naeun and Gunhoo On KBS ‘Superman Returns’


Fun facts from the trip to Switzerland

  • In Switzerland, we don’t need to reserve a seat for the train so we just need to see the schedule. As a result, we can look for and choose a seat for ourselves. It can be gratifying as we can choose our favorite spot on the train if not crowded.
  • Children aged six years old and under can ride the train for free. In addition, children under six years old who are with a guardian also can ride for free. Not only for the train, but children under six years old are also not charged in any other public places like museums and the funicular. Naeun is four years old and Gunhoo is two years old so both of them are free of charge.
  • Fountain in Switzerland can be consumed or used freely. The water from the fountain is so clean and fresh that we can drink or wash fruits with it. Kwanghee uses it to wash the fruits before they eat it.

Latest News

On August 24th, Park Joo-ho and his wife, Anna, celebrated Gunhoo’s birthday. Park Joo-ho shared a photo of him and baby Gunhoo from a year ago with a heartfelt caption.

As translated by Soompi, Park Joo-ho wrote, “To the son I love, Gun Hoo, happy birthday. Stay healthy and happy. (Gun Hoo says thank you for all the congratulatory messages that fans have sent us.)”

Not only him, but his wife Anna also shared a picture of Gunhoo when he was still a small baby along with an English caption.

On the same day, Kwanghee also shared the gratitude of his birthday on Instagram. He thanked MBC’s variety show Weekly Idol for sending him a birthday cake with a caption, “Weekly Idol, thank you.”

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주간아이돌 고마워요 Thank you🤩

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It is nice to see the interaction of Kwanghee and the siblings Naeun and Gunhoo. It’s his third time to visit the kids and it shows how much he loves and misses the kids. He does not only play but also teaches them lessons like when he tries to make them up in the giant hamster wheel. He is also quite considerate and thoughtful of Gunhoo when he hardly eats in Switzerland by bringing his favorite sesame oil. We sure hope to see more of their interactions together in the future as well!