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About Running Person Cast Member, Ji Suk-jin

Ji Suk-jin is a South Korean entertainer and comic in addition to television celebrity, celebrity, and broadcaster. He debuted as a singer at 1992, but gained fame as an entertainer later. He’s well-known as the manhood of SBS’s”Running Man” cast called Big Nose. He’s married, and includes a loving and happy family. Let us visit Ji Suk-jin!

Total Profile of Ji Suk-jin, along with Truth

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Actual Name: Ji Seok-jin Nickname : Big Nose, Impala Writer: February 10, 1966 Resource: Jungseon, Gangwon, South Korea Height : 178 cm Weight : 73 kg Instruction: Ajou University Years Active: 1992 – Current Social Media : @jeeseokjin | @ilovegamdong


  1. As an entertainer, he’s won seven awards from 8 award winning shows from 2004 before 2017 throughout KBS, SBS, along with Seoul Luxury Brand Model awards (LBMA).
  2. He had been known as an MC to get KBS’s”Star Golden Bell Challenge”, that beamed from 2004 – 2010.
  3. He’s been near Song Joong-ki since they appeared collectively as the principal cast of SBS’s”Running Man” ahead of Song Joong-ki abandoned the program. They kept in contact after that, which was demonstrated if Ji Suk-jin attended Song Joong-ki’s marriage.
  4. He’s the oldest cast member of SBS’s”Running Man”.
  5. Ji Suk-jin is much more famous in China compared to South Korea.
  6. He near BTS’s Jin, as well as the shock of the entire casting of SBS’s”Running Man”.
  7. He had been affected a great deal by Yoo Jae-suk.
  8. Michael Wong, Chinese soloist along with Fairy Tale tune’s writer, praised him for his rendition of a tune in”Running Man Specific Live at Taipei Fan Meeting” at January 2015.

Who’s Ji Suk-jin’s Wife?

Ryu Su-jung and Ji Suk-jin

Ji Suk-jin first match Ryu Su-jung via a debut from Yoo Jae-seok. In the beginning, it had been clearly just only one sided love for Ji Suk-jin. However, following Yoo Jae-seok maintained pushing Ji Suk-jin to date and meet, they eventually married in 1997. Ji Suk-jin is popularly referred to as a hardworking guy and beautiful husband for Ryu Su-jung. Ryu Su-jung is a timid girl, and amazingly got a great deal of offers so far many actress back afterward.

About Ji Suk-jin’s Wedding and Married Life

Ji Suk-jin family

Ji Suk-jin first match Ryu Su-jung via a debut from Yoo Jae-seok. They wed in 1997, and also have only one son called Ji Hyun-woo. They created their first public appearance like an entire family on the MBC number show”Actual Animal Candles: Our Family’s Youngest” at December 2013.

Since the only kid in the household, Ji Hyun-woo is a really clever and handsome boy that produces both Ji Suk-jin and Ryu Su-jung proud. In event 335 of SBS’s”Running Man’Enormous Nose’s Week”’, Ryu Su-jung appeared, also read a touching letter she’d written for the service.

“In my adoring husband! It has been 20 years since I met you as a youthful and immature 24-year-old, also you moved out of my’Oppa’ into Hyun Woo’s daddy after I gave birth to Hyun Woo. Although we had to battle a good deal, nowadays, we are busy making sure that the other is carrying their medication rather than fighting. You’re my very best friend for life, shielding us in the dangerous world, coming conducting if I phone and understanding a lot about me personally. They say there is no path to joy, the street itself is joy. Provided that our family remains on this street and appears straight on as we all proceed, our lifestyle will soon be shining and lovely. Please continue sharing with me your friendship friendship. I adore you! “

List of Ji Suk-jin’s Album

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Ji Suk-jin surfaced as singer at 1992. He also released a record as his first record because of his introduction. Though he is not popular because singer, his tunes are easy listening and enjoyable to follow. Does he participates in Korean, but he sings in Chinese. Here’s the record of his songs and albums.<


1992 – I Know


2017 – 你最珍贵 (Ni Zui Zhen Gui)


2014 OST My Dear Cat – 사랑한다 말하는건 (Saying I Love You) 2015 OST Romance for seven Days (Korean Version) – 머리핀 (Hairpin) 2015 OST Romance for seven Days (Chinese Version) – 发卡 (Hairpin)

List of Ji Suk-jin’s TV Shows

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He hailed as an entertainer at 2004 and be well called an MC and a comic. He was able to appear next to Yoo Jae-seok in a number of app. However he’s called a special entertainer in Korean businesses. He was able to look at a great deal of series as an MC previously, but today he’s largely observed on SBS’s”Running Man” and also KBS’s”Happy Together”. Here’s an inventory of his looks on TV shows from 2004 before today.

Present Programs

List of Ji Suk-jin’s Present Programs
Year Name Network Notes
2010 – gift Running Person SBS Episode 1 – gift
2017 – current Joyful Together KBS2 Episode 500 – gift

Former Programs

List of Ji Suk-jin’s Former Programs
Year Name Network Notes
2004 – 2006 Heroine 6 KBS2 Predominate
2004 – 2010 Star Golden Bell
2007 – 2008 High-Five
2007 Truth Game SBS
2008 Cider KBS2
2011 Departure Camp 24 Hours MBC
2012 Survival King
2015 Same Bed, Different Dreams SBS
2016 Chat Hero JTBC
2018 Royal Adventure SBS Mobidic TV/ Clash Royal Member