Complete Information About Korean Model Kim Jin-kyung (Profile, Facts, Dating, and Scandal)

Kim Jin-kyung’s Dating History


On May 30th, news outlet Newsis reported that Kim Jin Kyung and Crucial Star are in a relationship. In response, a source from Kim Jin Kyung’s agency ESteem Entertainment confirmed, “It is true that Kim Jin Kyung and Crucial Star are dating. They have been dating for about a year.”

Crucial Star posted on Instagram, following the news, he wrote,

“Oh, man… Since it’s been reported, I’ve mustered up the courage to write a post even though I’m not talented in writing. Firstly, I’m uploading a photo that’s a bit prettier than the edited photos. She’s someone who’s a great inspiration and refuge to me, and she gave me a lot of support and love by my side so that I was able to successfully finish my full album. I want to become a better boyfriend and assistant too. I hope you’ll only receive good energy, and have a good day.” He included the promotion of Kim Jin Kyung’s upcoming drama with the hashtag “Perfume” and its premiere date June 3rd.

Scandals About Kim Jin-kyung


It seems there has been quite an uproar after a lighthearted banter was exchanged between model Kim Jin Kyung and designer Hwang Jae Geun during the 23rd broadcast of My Little Television. The two mentioned 2NE1’s CL during the episode, and fans expressed anger at the model’s reaction to the designer telling her that she looks like CL.

On the 23rd broadcast, Hwang Jae Geun was complimenting Kim Jin Kyung on her appearance, telling her that she’s pretty and then mentioned, “I heard people say Jin Kyung looks like CL.” Hearing this, Kim Jin Kyung suddenly threw down her hot glue gun and protested, “Ahh, why would you do this to me?”

She then, as if realizing how she reacted, immediately covered her mouth and clarified, “No, I mean I really like CL! I really do like her but you know on Instagram, I get a lot of international comments that say I’m ‘Like CL.’ It’s not like that, I really do like CL, I’m a fan of 2NE1,” she further added

Although the two were joking around, and Kim Jin Kyung immediately clarified that she was a fan of CL and 2NE1, 2NE1 fans were not amused by her initial reaction as it seemed that she was saying she felt insulted that someone thought she looked like CL.

With backlash rising and some demanding that Kim Jin Kyung leave the show, the model took to her Instagram on August 27th, 2015, to apologize.

“Hello, this is Kim Jin Kyung. I gathered up the courage like this to apologize for my thoughtless behavior in regard to [the mention of] 2NE1’s CL. I think I have inconvenienced many fans and CL-nim during the live-broadcast filming with my rude action and words that came out without much thought on my part. I sincerely apologize. I’m also sorry to disappoint those who have been supporting me. From now on, I’ll work hard to become a Kim Jin Kyung who does not act thoughtlessly.”

But there were some fans who didn’t accept the reflex response she gave so they left comments about her bad attitude. As quoted from the pann forum such as:

1. [+110, -12] She can’t fifty-fifty achieve the tip of CL’s toe when it comes to careers. It’s in addition to the frustration of how she’s laughing in addition to getting mad only because of the looks.

2. [+105, -16] I’m speechless about this. Hwang Jae Geun acted rude to CL on a program. I’m literally dumbfounded. And the viewers of My Little Television piss me off more. Chaerin is getting insults when all she did was stay silent. I promise you a lot of fabulous people accept adept lives ^^ CL is amazing.

3. [+54, -3] Whether CL is pretty or not is not the issue here. Everyone has the right to protest to being compared to someone or simply being labeled as someone’s lookalike. Why are you lot supporting Kim Jin Kyung?

4. [+43, -10] She is a model, so how can she be compared to CL, especially when she has already been on the covers of magazines, journals, she has done a lot of photoshoots and has developed her career in the fashion industry.

5. [+38, -4] I heard that Kim Jin Kyung’s fellow is the rapper Genius Nochang and he is a huge fan of CL ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I was shocked when I watched the video… It’s not the Kim Jin Kyung I know of.

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