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P1Harmony Fandom Name, Official Lightstick, Colors, Origin of the Name, Etc.


Get to Know Deeper about P1Harmony and Its Fandom Name!

P1Harmony is the South Korean boy group including Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob. P1Harmony debuted on October 28, 2020, under FNC Entertainment. They offer great song and musicality. However, they just announced the fandom name only in 2021 named P1ece. This announcement also comes along with the lightstick that could show many different colors. Check P1Harmony’s fandom name meaning, official lightstick, colors, and all details on this Byeol Korea below! Stay tuned!

P1Harmony Official Fandom Name P1ece

P1Harmony debuted in 2020 with Disharmony: Stand Out, bringing many fans invited. But they didn’t tell the official fandom name right away. It took some time to finally come up with the idea and the meaning of their fandom name, P1ece.

Besides, P1Harmony has also released their simple lightstick with a circular top which could produce white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. On July 2, one of the members, Intak gave a bit spoiler about their lightstick, Here’s below their lightstick looks like:

P1Harmony Lightstick

The Meaning of P1ece


P1Harmony’s official fandom name, P1ece, means small pieces come together to create an entire piece. Significantly, the meaning of the last piece is for P1Harmony’s fans, who are indispensable. The name P1ECE is also relevant to the word PIECE, which is part of P1Harmony as the whole one.

Additionally, P1Harmony said they want to create a worthy masterpiece together with P1ece. All members show excitement during the announcement of this official fandom name. So touched!

The History of P1Harmony Fandom Name

Before the P1ece became P1Harmony’s official name, P1Harmony made a contest about the fandom name option. The choices are P1ECE, P1TCH, PLUSU, PEVER, and PR1ZE. Their fans contributed to voting, and finally, P1ECE was the winner.

P1Harmony and their fans made all these options of this name. The official fandom name, P1ECE, came together when they were doing come back in 2021. Do you think P1ECE is the best name?

Fans Reaction to the Fandom Name

The excitement of this fandom name, P1ECE, not only happens in members P1Harmony but also their fans. They are happy knowing that P1ECE is the chosen fandom name, besides it has a purposeful definition.

Fans react to this fandom name mostly positively. They have been waiting around 6 months to finally come into this moment. When P1Harmony told that they were called P1ECE, all comments on social media, including Twitter, Youtube, and any social media excited the same as the members.

One of their fans on Twitter @p1haemony_world said

P1Harmony calling us by our official fandom name for the VERY FIRST TIME. I’M CRYINGGGG..

Sometime before the official announcement, one of the members ever mentioned P1CTH and then recovered it and changed it into P1Harmony. This moment led to many assumptions that the fandom name would be P1CTH. The majority look to prefer P1ECE due to relevancy to the group name.

All of their happiness and P1Harmony come back with the album DISHARMONY: BREAK OUT. So, do you find this fit P1Harmony? Put your comment and share your thoughts below. Don’t forget to always support P1Harmony in their career and send positive messages too!