Don’t Miss Out The Top 7 Legendary Songs From K-Hip-Hop And R&B Singer Zion. T!

Zion. T

Let’s Get to Know Zion.T by His Legendary Songs!

Who doesn’t know about the Korean hip-hop singer, Zion. T? He’s a singer under YG Entertainment, or more precisely, YG Entertainment’s sub-label, The Black Label. Zion. T started his career on 2011 and now he’s become one of the best known hip-hop singers, in part because of his many collaborations with various singers such as Simon Dominic, Crush, Choiza, and many more!

The singer is a perfectionist who always wants to show his best and convey his feelings and emotions to his listeners through his extraordinary songs! In this article, Byeol Korea will discuss his top seven legendary songs! What kind of legendary songs? Check it out!

Two Melodies (feat. Crush)

The first of these fabulous songs is Two Melodies, which he did as a collabcoration with Crush. The song was released on March 6, 2013. Two Melodies is one of the tracks on his first album, titled Red Light, and also become a single at the time was still incorporated in Amoeba Culture. The song peaked at number 17 on the Korean music charts.

In 2015, this song was remade into an acoustic version by adding another musician named Eddy Kim. These three singers were able to produce a new version of the song that was simpler than the original. Compared to the orginal version, which used a sexy theme, the acoustic version brings a more classy feeling! Their soft vocal and the guitar makes melodies blend into the song. The music video is also very simple, showing the three singers sitting in a circle, back to back, while singing. Here is the acoustic version of Two Melodies!

Yanghwa Bridge (양화대교)

The next song is Yanghwa Bridge. It was a hit song that he wrote himself in just in 30 minutes, and released in 2014. The song has a deep meaning and tells about his family life during a difficult time. He also admitted that the song was made when he was feeling very stressed, and he wrote it to convey something to his family.

This song is full of emotion, especially during the intro where we can hear the soft strains of the violin. And as said before, this song tells of himself and his family in a difficult time, and Zion. T successfully delivered these emotional lyrics with perfection! The music video takes the setting of Yanghwa Bridge at night, a dark and quiet place for performance, and  the dark, empty room also give more illustration of the pain.

This song successfully occupied the first position on the music charts in Korea, and hit number 17 on the US charts. Let’s take a look at the music video below!

No Make Up

No Make Up was released by Zion. T on October 12, 2015, and it successfully rose to the top of the daily chart on almost all the music charts, winning some of the toughest challenges. Because of this song, Zion. T managed to make history in the music industry at the time by almost achieving a perfect all-kill in just two days!

As the title suggests, this song is about a man who praises his girlfriend who is beautiful without needing to use makeup. With romantic lyrics, he said the woman that he loved was really beautiful just the way she was, without feeling insecure. This song was a collaboration with The Black Label’s producer Kush and Seo Won-jin.

The Song (노래)

The next song is The Song. This tune is the main track from his second mini-album or extended play (EP), entitled OO in 2017. This song is also his first comeback after joining The Black Label. Through the song, he showed off his unique vocal and his rap skill, which he rarely shows.

The Song also managed to occupy first place on the music charts in Korea! What’s more, the music video is really interesting, with an artistic concept with a special quality that is a hallmark of YG Entertainment! Look at the music video below!

Snow (눈) (feat. Lee Moon-se)

Next is Snow, which he sang with Lee Moon-se and released on December 4, 2017. Zion. T shows his sentimental and melancholy side in this ballad which is a perfect song for winter. With an arrangement that has a little touch of a slow tempo, this song can easily make the listeners feel relaxed.

He wrote the lyrics himself, and they tell of a person’s desire to be with his girlfriend when the winter comes, or about a someone who remembers their ex-girl/boyfriend. The music video starred actor Ahn Jae-hong, who previously gained popularity for his role in the drama “Fight My Way.” This song also successfully gained the top position on the charts, and made the all-kill at the time of its release, even without doing a promotion!

Take a look at this melancholy music video!

Hello Tutorial (멋지게 인사하는 법) (feat. Seulgi of Red Velvet)

A year after Snow, Zion. T came back with a surprise that his fans had been waiting for. The surprise gift was a new song, titled Hello Tutorial, done in collaboration with SM Entertainment’s girl group member Red Velvet’ Seulgi. According to him, Hello Tutorial is a song that’s like a romantic comedy released during a long summer vacation. In this song, he wants to persuade the listeners to feel the meaning or message in the song.

In the midst of fierce competition, Hello Tutorial successefully gained the top position on seven of the Korean streaming charts, such as  MelOn, Bugs, Mnet, and Genie.

May (5월의 밤)

The last legendary song from Zion. T in this article is May 5월의 밤. This song is his latest comeback in 2019, and it possesses the rhythm of the R&B ballad accompanied by an acoustic guitar. The lyrics tell about what has to change to stay with a loved one by describing the atmosphere of Korea in ’90s and ’00s.

Apparently there’s a fact behind the song. Zion. T admitted that this song was inspired by an ex-girlfriend that he met in May. May hit the second place on the MelOn music chart, and third in the Soribada.

For the music video, this song carries a concept like a mini drama that represents the lyrics. The music video shows a couple who met through their first meet, but the relationship becomes so boring because of monotony. Here is the music video!

That’s all for the top seven legendary song from Zion. T, which wiped out all the music charts! Any of the songs in the list above would be great choices to add to your playlist on your phone!