Complete Information About Zelo’s Debut Song ‘Question’ And Meaning of His Song!


Get To Know Zolo’s Debut Song, “Question”

It is great that we can finally listen to Zelo’s solo song “Question.” As we all know, Zelo is launching his solo career after all the drama related to his contract with B.A.P and he is finally a solo singer. Choi Joon-Hong a.k.a Zelo is a singer, dancer, rapper, and beatboxer from South Korea. He was born in Hangul, South Korea on October 15th, 1996. He was the maknae of the boy band B.A.P. So, right now Byeol Korea will provide you with a rundown of everything about his solo career and his “Question,” so check it out…

Everything About His Debut Schedule


All of you must be very excited about his upcoming solo album, after he decided to leave B.A.P in December 2018. Finally, he joined a new agency and signed an exclusive contract with A Entertainment. He has already launched his solo album and not just the album, but he released his own logo, color, and his new website. His solo album is titled Distance and was released on June 21st.

This mini-album has six songs and the song “Question” serves as the main song of the album. The rest of the songs on the album are: “Be better,” “Flash Party!” “Shake it off,” “IDC,” and “Celebrity.” Prior to the release of the album, he released a teaser music video of 11 seconds. It seems that Zelo showcased his aura and his charisma in a black tee and blonde hair.

His Concept and Photo Teaser


The fans were quite surprised to see a different side of Zelo, one they had not seen before, the one he showed in the music video teaser. With EDM music that really feels tropical and trendy. Zelo proved to have a really nice voice and his rap parts are awesome. His solo album, Distance shows his raw voice provides the emotional punch on “Celebrity.” It is really a soft song and fans like how he dials it back. We can see he has a strong concept for his own album and really loves and enjoys his own music.

Viral Music Video Teaser

His music video teaser was lit. The public and fans loved the music video teaser and it reached 16.892 views, it is great ha? Have you already seen it? If not – here it is!

Let’s Talk About His Album Details


Let us remind you that the album contains six songs: “Question,” “Be better,” “Flash party!” “Shake it off,” “IDC,” “Celebrity.” The album was originally made by him, and his musician soul really shows up in this album, he looks really proud to introduce this album to the world.

MV Release and Song Meaning


Now, let’s talk about the songs. First is “Question,” it is the main song of his album Distance. “Question” is talking about his girl’s question, pretty basic round the tune but easy to listen. What about “Be better?” It is about how he can be a better person if he is with her; the chorus and the tune are laid back and really fun for our ears. “Flash party!” is a rock tune, big and loaded and has big beats if you want to listen to the rock side of him than “Flash party!” would be a perfect fit for you. “Shake it off” is a pretty pop tune and really easy to listen. “IDC” is short for “I don’t care” and it is a message for his haters and really straight forward for the haters. And the last one is “Celebrity,” which is a good tune and really fun to listen if you are alone.

Zelo’s Debut Performance

In June 2019 he launched his solo album and on July 1st, 2019, he made his debut performance in Seoul, showing up really energetic and looking very happy and proud. His dance choreography was cool. You can watch the video of his performance, if you haven’t already seen it, by clicking play below.


Latest News About Zelo


Until the present day, he hasn’t shared any information about what’s coming next. But after this, it is pretty obvious that he plans on continuing as a solo singer and releasing new albums. Can’t wait to see it!

That’s was all the information about Zelo’s solo mini-album, I know, you can’t wait for the next new album from him, and hopefully, he will release his second album as soon as possible. See you in the next article about your favorite Korean artist. Please, don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below. Cheer up and see you soon.