All You Need to Know About Transformation of Yubin From Wonder Girls into Soloist


Wonder Girls’ Yubin’s Looks Throughout Time!

Have you ever heard about one of the most legendary K-Pop girl groups, namely Wonder Girls? The girl group that made its debut in 2007 under JYP Entertainment gained great popularity for their single, “Nobody.” Although the group is no longer active and promotes together, each of the members had their chance to have a solo debut and release a single. In this article, we’re going to see how Wonder Girls’ rapper, Yubin transformed herself from her debut until the present day!


Kim Yu-bin (김유빈) was born in Gwangju, South Korea, on October 4th, 1988. Before debuting as a member of Wonder Girls, Yubin was a member of a girl group under Good Entertainment and was ready to debut as a member of the group Five Girls together with SECRET’s Hyosung, G.NA, After School’s UEE, and SPICA’s Yang Jiwon, but they disbanded due to the agency’s financial troubles forcing the members to leave the agency and move to another one.

In 2007, Yubin made her debut as a member of the group Wonder Girls, where she took the position of a rapper and replaced Hyuna, who had to leave due to health-related issues. Although she was introduced as a rapper, Wonder Girls’ Yubin was also the main vocal of the group and had singing lines in “This Time” and “Wishing on a Star.” Wonder Girls debuted with a song titled “Tell Me” in 2007.

After her debut appearance, Wonder Girls’ Yubin also became a model for 2PM’s music video titled “10 Out Of 10” and SHINHWA’s music video titled “Once in a Life Time.” Not only she appeared as a model in the music video, but Wonder Girls’ Yubin was also already featured in several artist’s singles, such as Kim Bum-soo, Lee Min-woo, SHINHWA’s Andy Lee and Chun G.


In 2008, Wonder Girls’ Yubin made an appearance in MBC’s sitcom, Here He Comes only as a short cameo. This was her first appearance on the small screen and her first solo project, outside the projects with her group, after which she got to star in many television dramas.

One year after their debut, Wonder Girls released a song for their comeback in 2009 titled “So Hot” and they accompanied Park Jin-young as guests on his concert tour in South Korea and the United States. The song itself was released on May 22nd, 2008, but Wonder Girls’ Yubin had a vocal cord injury and she had to lip-sync during their performance on MBC’s Show! Music Core.

The same year, Wonder Girls took a short break and had another comeback in early fall by releasing a music video of “Nobody” on December 14th, 2008. The song became very famous both domestically and internationally. Wonder Girls became known as one of the South Korean girl groups with very high popularity at the time, and as proof of their popularity, they even received three awards, namely Song of the Year, Best Music Video, and Best Female Group.

At the end of 2008, Wonder Girls had a special contract and signed with the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) based in Los Angeles, California. They also earned ₩12 billion ($9 million US) as a group which put them in the category of successful South Korean girl groups at that time.


In the summer of 2009, Wonder Girls had their schedule with Wonder Girls World Tour which started in Bangkok, Thailand and continued with Park Jin-young’s concert tour in the United States. Along with the tour, Wonder Girls filmed a reality show titled Welcome to Wonderland that was documented in Seoul and Busan around March 2009 and aired on Mnet.

Wonder Girls released a music video cover of a girl group, Fin.KL’s single titled “Now” along with their concert tour schedule and they also released an English version of their previous singles, “Nobody” and “Tell Me” in the summer of 2009, before they started a schedule with the Jonas Brother World Tour 2009.


2010 was a difficult year for Wonder Girls as their member, Sunmi, had to leave the group to pursue her academic career and Wonder Girls’ Hyerim replaced her for the next promoting schedules.

This year, Wonder Girls had prepared to release six tracks of English versions of their previous singles and announced a show of The Wonder World Tour on April 5th, 2010, around the United States and Canada.

On May 15th, 2010, Wonder Girls released their new EP titled 2 Different Tears and the title song was recorded in 3 different languages, namely Chinese, Korean, and English. This song was also performed as Wonder Girls’ stage comeback and brought them their 1st win on M! Countdown.

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