Complete List 7 Recommendations South Korean YouTube Channel for Mukbang


Get The Experience Eating Together with These Famous South Korean Mukbang Youtuber

Mukbang is literally means in Korean language eating room, meok from the root words meokda means eating, bang from bangsong means live broadcast. This terms become viral and getting used to naming the activity with eating while getting recorded. Sometimes it also contents response or talking to the audiences while eating. Let’s get started to know the famous Mukbang Youtuber below! Keep reading!



Hamzy is one of mukbang youtuber popular in South Korea. She started her channel since 25 Sep 2012 and already getting 336.263.998 views. Hamzy become favorite to all people since she has own unique action. She only focus on eating, without any talking needed. That’s way she got 1.890.000 subscribers now.

Here is her Youtube description:

Hi guys~~
Welcome to 햄지Hamzy
where you can find relaxing and yummy eating sound videos.
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She give the real expression without any fake response. We as audiences could felt the experiencing eating the food. Further more the ASMR really contagious, could make you super hungry.

On this video, she bought a giant crab or called King Crab. She eat it with several sauce including the spice from the boil crab.

On this video, Hamzy is eating ramyeon with octopus combine with kimchi. She could eat it thoroughly all the food smoothly. You will astonished with how much she put one bite on her mouth.

Hamzy said no one can beat home food, she prepared some Korean food like spam (processed meat), grilled fish, tofu, bulgogi, and sundubu (tofu, kimchi soup). She could eat it fast and sound. You could lick your mouth by just watching her eating.

Some people would commented that Hamzy is eating so fast, she tricks all the time. People kept saying about Hamzy that they love how her being herself not like other people who make cute face while they are eating.

문복희 Eat with Boki

She started her channel on 9 Apr 2019 and getting 271.618.401 views. Even though she just started on 2019, now she already got 2.180.000 subscribers. Beautiful Boki has introduction to every video she made it. She also put some thoughts and words comment on her video.

One of her specialty is she eat big pieces and enter just one way to her mouth. LIke on this video below she could swallow and fit almost half of the corndog.

Chicken is one of casual food for snack or eating in South Korea. Boki tried to eat honey chicken and yup duck, she could finish it all nicely!

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