Full Profile of YOUNITE Hyunseok Age, Height, Fun Fact, Focus Fancam, Instagram

YOUNITE Hyunseok

The Secret Member of YOUNITE Who Has Handsome and Lovely Face You Should Check!

Hyunseok is a member of the boy group YOUNITE which debuted on April 20, 2022. Along with Woono, Eunho, Lee Eun-sang, Steve, Hyunseung, DEY, Kyungmun, Sion, they released YOUNI-BIRTH. Hyunseok has an attractive appearance with significant height which draw attention as YOUNITE debuted under Brand New Music.

Despite his young and handsome visual, he originally dreamed to be a chef rather than an idol. However, who knows in the future, he could be both, right. Besides, he has MBTI INFP which is one of the rarest personalities among others in the world. Check Hyunseok’s profile, fun fact, height, fancam on this Byeol Korea below! Stay tuned!

YOUNITE Hyunseok Full Profile

YOUNITE Hyunseok

Stage Name: Hyungseok (Hangeul: 형석)
Birth Name: Song Hyungseok (Hangeul: 송형석)
Birthday: November 6, 2002
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean

10 YOUNITE Hyunseok Fun Facts

1. Hyunseok’s hobbies are lying down and watching movies.
2. He goods at grilling meat.
3. Hyunseok has a younger brother who is only three years apart.
4. Hyunseok can’t drink milk and coffee.
5. His MBTI is INFP.
6. His motto is when things get overwhelming in his mind, he will lie down first.
7. He is popular as an unintentional joker in the group.
8. His dream was to be a chef.
9. Hyungseung, Steve, and Eunsang are the same age as him.
10. He announced his last turn as a member of YOUNITE.

YOUNITE Hyunseok Pre Debut Joined BRANDNEWZ

Before becoming a YOUNITE member, Hyunseok was in the rookie group, BRANDNEWZ which is rebranding as YOUNITE. He becomes the hidden member that is shown in the video practice. He was introduced as a member of the group on February 19, 2022.

Hyunseok got the chance to finally debuted with YOUNITE along with 8 members who have incredible talent and experience too, like Eunho who is an ex-trainee from the label who managed BTS, Big Hit Entertainment.

YOUNITE Hyunseok Debut with 1 of 9

YOUNITE released 1 of 9, the song has catchy lyrics and modern choreography. They have been stealing attention with their cute concept yet fresh energy. Hyunseok is really fitting with this concept along with his original visual, small eyes, and incredible height, Hyunseok is easy to be your bias! What do you think?

The all ninth member of the boy group YOUNITE is interestingly adorable with a music genre that could be a company in your daily activity. Check their music video 1of 9 above!

YOUNITE Hyunseok Focus Fancam

Here’s the fancam of Hyunseok, the way he dances and sings is flowing and satisfying. His persona is shining and dazzling. If you want to see more about Hyunseok, check his official Instagram with YOUNITE below!

On his Prolog Film for YOUNITE promotion, Hyunseok gave a visual vibe, calm, and innocent energy. What do you think? Check the video below!

That’s all about Hyunseok profile, fun fact, focus fan cam, and Instagram. Keep supporting YOUNITE’s Hyunseok on his career and sending a positive message. What is your favorite scene in Hyunseok performance in his debut? Put your comment below and share your thoughts on social media too!