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How is Yoon Mi-rae Son, Jordan Seo Nowadays? Find Here!

Yoon Mi-rae son
Yoon Mirae Son

The Cute Boy Grown Up To Teenager Already!

Who didn’t know Yoon Mi-rae? She is a singer, songwriter, solo rapper, and producer. Her song has become a hit soundtrack for many popular Korean dramas. Yoon Mi-rae who is Korean American married Tiger JK on June 2007. Later on, she gave birth to their son, Jordan Seo. Her son becomes the spotlight from time to time due to his cuteness and special talent.

Get to know Yoon Mi-rae’s son, Jordan Seo nowadays on this Chanel-Korea below! Stay reading!

When Jordan Seo was Still a Child and Now Growing!

Yoon Mirae Son

Jordan Seo was born on March 2008. When he was born, he got the spotlight because his father, Tiger JK, is also a hip hop artist and his mother, Yoon Mi-rae, is a famous singer. His parents married in Buddhist Temple in a private ceremony.

Jordan Seo becomes a multicultural child with an excessive adorable level. He often appeared on television when his childhood.

Yoon Mi-rae and Tiger JK Music Genes Into Jordan Seo?

His father, Tiger JK complimented Jordan Seo because of his musical skill. Jordan Seo parents appeared on Sketchbook on KBS 2TV promoting their song. When asked about their son, Jordan Seo, his mother said he was studying as a first grader at that time.

When asked about his talent, Yoon Mi-rae said that Jordan ever made music and lyrics with his ordinary machines. He played it as a game and suddenly produced a song. Tiger JK also added that his son unique music made them learn something.

No wonder, this happened to Jordan Seo, since his parent has high-quality skill in music too. Do you agree? However, Tiger JK believed that it’s just simply not categorized as a genius thing. They were humbled and said it was also the same for them regarding their music skills.

Jordan Seo Fall Into Marvel Character Iron Man and Hulk?

Yoon Mirae Son

Yoon Mi-rae sometimes posted on her Instagram about her son, Jordan Seo. She showed Jordan Seo wearing gloves of Hulk’s hands with fiery looks. Yoon Mi-rae stated on the picture, ‘Jordan Seo, Avenger.’

Many people commented that Jordan grew up without realizing it. Some people also complimented him as Hulk Jordan. They claimed that Jordan grew up and become more look like his father.

Jordan Seo Glued in Computer Games, Puberty Hits Said Yoon Mi-rae

Since he was a child, Jordan Seo has already been into Marvel movies. Jordan was also ever met with Robert Downey Jr, the Hollywood Star that popular with cast Iron Man. Yoon Mi-rae, Tiger JK, and Jordan Seo were invited to the red carpet in the movie Iron Man 3 then they has a chance to get a photo with him.

From Hulk to Iron Man, Jordan Seo showed his enthusiast dressing Iron Man multiple times uploaded by his father on Twitter. However, long time of not appearing on television or any media, Jordan Seo is already in his puberty.

On the reality show, I Live Alone, Jessi visited Tiger JK and Yoon Mi-rae’s home. Jessi asked about their son and wanted to see him in person. However, Yoon Mi-rae said that Jordan now spending time only playing games on the computer. He didn’t leave home and rarely talked with them. That’s Jordan Seo in his teenage life, puberty hits him like other teenagers.

That’s all about Jordan Seo, son of Yoon Mi-rae and Tiger Jk. What do you like the most from Jordan Seo? Put your comment and share your thoughts below! Keep reading Byeol Korea and support Yoon Mi-rae family career as well!