All About Yoo Seung Hoo’s Girlfriend and Ex-Girlfriend!


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Who is Yoo Seung Hoo? General Information About Him

Yoo Seung-ho who is popular as a national child star and is called “the younger brother of the people”. Since he was 6 years old he was active as a child and his performance skill is high. Popular in Japan, many Japanese fans ran up to the fan meeting held in Christmas 2014. What kind of lady was rumored to be in love with Yoo Seung-ho?

Yoo Seung-ho’s beloved love The first one is Park Shin Hye

The first person is not only from Japan but also beautiful actress Park Shin Chen who is popular in China and Thailand. Park Shin Hye and Yoo Seung Ho are co-starring in a music video of a song called “Eraser” which is contained in the mini album “6 o’clock … Playground” of popular actor So · Ji Sorb.

Two people are playing kiss scene in the music video and suspicion of enthusiasm is now whispered by Yu Seung-ho replacing Park Shin Hye the ideal woman. However, it is told that it is not a romantic relationship but one of the good co-stars. They are on good terms since childhood, and Park Shin said that Yoo Seung-ho is cute as his younger brother.

Yoo Seung-ho’s beloved love The second person is Nicole Jung

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The second person is Nicole Jung, a former member of the female idol group “KARA” who was proud of high popularity in Japan. He withdrew from KARA in 2014 and is currently active in Japan as a solo singer. There were rumors of enthusiasm for such Nicole Jung and Yoo Seung Ho.

However, it did not actually exist in a relationship of love, but when Nicol announced that he was an enthusiastic fan of Yoo Seung-ho when he appeared in a variety show called “Strong heart”, it seems that such rumors have spread is. Nicole Jung said that he confided to his thoughts on Yoo Seung-ho, “I have never met, but I believe I can meet one day.”

Yoo Seung-ho’s beloved love The third person is Park Eun Bin

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The third person is acting actress Park Eun Bin, who has appeared in numerous topics such as “The Great Four Shinki,” “Morning Musume”. Park Eun-bin also acts like a child as well as Yoo Seung-ho, and the two have co-starred many times since they were small. And, in the drama ‘Proposal Daibaku – Mission to Love’ broadcast in 2012, I played a kiss scene and it became a hot topic.

Doubt suspicions are whispered from the way they are shooting and so on, and since the breath was perfect in the drama, the fans also gave favorable comments such as “I am perfect” and “funny.” However, it seems that it was not one of the love relationships, it is one of the good co-stars who is just a good match.

Currently 23 years old Yoo Seung-ho, I have never reported a deep love. It sounds like rumors are all ones. By the way, Yu Seung-ho’s reference type is “a woman wearing dark colored clothes”, “a woman carrying a book” “a woman who loves animals”.