Take a Look at Sweet Moments Between Yoo Seung-ho and Jo Bo-ah in ‘My Strange Hero’

My Strange Hero

Get to Know More About Yoo Seung-ho and Jo Bo-ah’s Role on My Strange Hero!

Are you fan of Yoo Seung-ho or Jo Bo-ah? If so this article is for you, because we’re going to talk about their new drama series, My Strange Hero! If you’re unfamiliar with either of these actors, Yoo Seung-ho is a South Korean actor who started his career when he was still a child. Some of his work has included drama series, such as Remember, I’m Not a Robot, The Emperor: Owner of The Mask, etc.

Meanwhile, Jo Bo-ah is a South Korean actress. She’s most famously known for her role in the drama series Shut Up Flower Boy Band. Some of her other drama series include Temperature of Love, I’m Not a RobotGoodbye to Goodbye, Sweet Stranger and Me, etc.

Previously, Yoo Seung-ho and Jo Bo-ah starred together in the drama I’m Not a Robot, but now we’re going to talk about their togetherness in the drama My Strange Hero! In this article, Byeol Korea introduces you the cute couple Yoo Seung-ho and Jo Bo-ah, and their chemistry in My Strange Hero!

Yoo Seung-ho and Jo Bo-ah’s Fluttering Moments on My Strange Hero

My Strange Hero

Basically, My Strange Hero, also known as Revenge Is Back, told the story of Kang Book-so (played by Yoo Seung-ho), who dropped out of school after being accused of bullying. At the time, Kang Book-so did the violence because his first love, Son Soo-jung (played by Jo Bo-ah) was in a relationship with another guy, Oh Se-ho (played by Kwak Dong-yeon).

When Kang Book-so became an adult, he hadn’t really changed much. He  came back for the purpose of getting revenge, and then he decided to return to his old school. But who knows that eventually Kang Book-so was experience unexpected conditions?

Kang Book-so met his first love, Son Soo-jung, again, only now, she’s a teacher at their old school. The couple shared a lot of moments together, until they had to fight to save their old school and all of the students there.

Jo Bo-ah & Yoo Seung-ho

In My Strange Hero, Yoo Seung-ho shows us the real character of a student in real life. Playing Kang Book-so, one of the naughty schoolchildren who loved to be late to school, fought with another child in school, and was lazy. But Kang Book-so also amazed us with his sweet side when he was fell in love with Son Soo-jung.

Jo Bo-ah was the real reflection of a kind and clever student in real life. Playing Son Soo-jung, the most clever and nice student in their school, she has a lot of fans. All of the guys at the school said that Son Soo-jung was the ‘Goddess of School‘. We could expect that Kang Book-so and Son Soo-jung had opposite personalities, right?

Even so, they were brought together through schoolwork. They were united in one team for doing their homework together. At first, Kang Book-so was ignorant about their homework that he didn’t finish it, and relied on Son Soo-jung. But as the time went on, and with the help from Son Soo-jung, Kang Book-so slowly changed. He started doing well on his homework, and his personality started changing because he was fell in love with Son Soo-jung.

Jo Bo-ah & Yoo Seung-ho

One of the best heart-fluttering moments from My Strange Hero was Kang Book-so and Son Soo-jung’s first kiss, when they were still seniors in high school. They kissed on the roof of the school, with the sunset as their background. The kiss showed their real feelings at that time. Really romantic, right?

The special part of the kissing scene that made it memorable was that both Jo Bo-ah and Yoo Seung-ho really prepared for that scene. They wanted to make it very real and natural, so it’s no wonder that their kissing scene was gained a lot of compliments from the show’s production team.

Jo Bo-ah & Yoo Seung-ho

Not just the kissing scene, another of the fluttering moments from My Strange Hero was the bed scene, where Kang Book-so and Son Soo-jung were staring deeply at each other!

Jo Bo-ah & Yoo Seung-ho

And also, their moments together were caught up in one of the scenes where Kang Book-so and Son Soo-jung were having a deep conversation about what actually happened when they were still students, and clearing up the misunderstanding between them. They were standing together in the night, under the lamp light that built up a romantic atmosphere!

Jo Bo-ah & Yoo Seung-ho

Just like when they were still kids at school, that moment showed us their true feelings towards each other. Such a sweet moment!

Watch one of their sweet moments together during My Strange Hero here: