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Get To Know More About Yelowsmob Member Lee Gwang-min Full Profile, Fun Facts, Girlfriend, And Latest News

Lee Gwangmin
Lee Gwang-min

Popular South Korean Rapper Lee Gwangmin

Lee Gwangmin is a South Korean rapper and also a producer who joined a crew gang called Yelows Mob. Yelows Mob is a South Korean hip-hop crew formed by Sik-K and the members of the gang are literally the rappers of the country. Lee Gwangmin is also a model and a stylist.

In this article, Byeol Korea will provide you with detailed information regarding everything you need to know about Lee Gwangmin. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down.

Full Profile

Lee Gwang-min


  • Full name: Lee Gwang Min (이광민)
  • Date of Birth: January 27th, 1994
  • Height: 182 cm
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Occupation: Musician, Model, and Stylist
  • Position: Rapper and Producer


  • He is a cat owner.
  • He once worked for PIPESEOUL.
  • He has a LOT of tattoos. He has tattoos all over his arms and legs.
  • He has a snakebite piercing.
  • His girlfriend’s name is Hong Yukyung.
  • He plays the piano very well.
  • He is a big fan of YG Entertainment (particularly Blackpink).
  • He loves anime and manga.

Yelows Mobbin

Yelows Mob is a South Korean hip-hop crew that consists of 13 members. The group is based in Seoul. It is called Yelows Mob because the ‘Yelows’ in monetary units is impressive. The members consist of Kwon Min-Sik, Heo Naein, Lee Hwi-min, Park Gyu-jeong, Lee Kyungju, Hwang Daejin, Lee Gwangmin, Jung Sungmin, Jung Gwangmin, Baek Jaehoon, Kim Donghyuk, Jung Sungwon, and Vangdale. Yelows Mob (also referred to as YLSMOB) is a group of artists (visual and musical) that form a creative group/club.

This club surrounds the main artist, SIK-K, who refers to himself as Young Hot Yellow. As we know, Sik-K has already made an impact in the underground hip-hop world and appeared on Show Me The Money 4 (SMTM4). Members of Yelows Mob are well known for producing songs for many K-hip-hop artists/groups, such as AOMG. They perform fan favorites including “Better Life,” ”Respect,” “Call It Love,” and “Alcohol” that features Jay Park! Currently, the member line-up has changed. Lee Gwangmin is not a part of the group because of his involvement in a scandal.


  • 2013.04.13 Naeezy Free EP ‘SPRING BREAK’ 발매
  • 2013.08.01 Sik-K Mixtape ‘YOUNG HOT YELLOW’ 발매
  • 2015.07.25 쇼미더머니 Sik-K, Lil Boi, 지구인 – RESPECT (Feat. 로꼬, GRAY & DJ Pumkin) 발매
  • 2015. 08.07 Sik-K – Better Life 발매
  • 2015. 09.30 Sik-K – 제목미정 발매


  • Yelows Mob is a Korean hip-hop crew.
  • In 2016, some of the members did a European tour, the Flip Tour (UK, Spain, and Germany).
  • They are close to Jaewon (One).
  • They like to wear t-shirts with their crewmates derp faces on them.
  • They are full-time memes.
  • Stage Names of the crew: SIK-K, GROOVYROOM (박규정,이휘민) Mackidd, Naeezy, AVIN, Coogie, GXXD, DJ Child, Dj Summit, BOYCOLD, Jo Gwangmin (정광민), Jo Sungmin (정성민), Baek Jaehoon (백재훈), Lee Gwangmin (이광민), Thomas Lee.


Abusive Relationship

Lee Gwangmin’s ex-girlfriend revealed that he was abusive in their relationship of one year. She shared her story via Instagram to alert others about him and how the system in Korea has failed her. As of now, he deleted his Instagram.

His ex-girlfriend basically posted a long story of how he was violent and abusive towards her – he threatened her with a knife, forced her to take his medicine, things like that.

Netizens’ reactions:

  • He is literally a nobody who only got the attention for being friends with certain people, for having piercings and tattoos. Stop kissing his ass just because of his looks. He has always been trash. He treats his followers like trash and always talks shit about them and in front of them in his life.
    He is aware that he has mental illnesses and posted depressing posts just to get an ego boost and forget about the fact he almost killed his ex.
  • Don’t even trust his friends. Dropin hasn’t mentioned who specifically but she has said that his friends and family have been threatening her not to press charges against him.
  • Because Korea is a closed-minded and backward country where being a woman is a curse…
  • I didn’t know who he is at all honestly o.o he looks scary in the pics but wow, such horrible things to do… I hope he pays for it.
  • He really should turn himself in at this point… anyway guys, tear him a new one pls.
  • That relationship seemed weird and it all makes sense now of what was going on… the depressing posts from both sides, them constantly ending the relationship and getting back together, and on her Naver, there’s a blog post where she briefly talked about them fighting but I don’t know if it was in detail if he hit her or not.
  • YIKES… I never really followed their relationship since it was their private business but like once a man gets physical like that expose his ass. I need to know which friends of his told her not to report him to the police cuz they canceled too (fuck I hate this Korean mentality where you’re supposed to bear shit in private and I bet you she’s getting tons of hate because she exposed him too). Gwangmin was always fucking messy and had issues but I never thought he would do this shit.

Latest News

There is no further news of him since he left the Yelows Mob’s crew and deactivated his Instagram account. Lee Gwangmin is no longer a member of Yelows Mob crew since last year, May 2018. He has been accused of abusing his past girlfriend and the crew decided to let him go.