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Information of Relationship Between Yang Hyun-suk and Lee Eun-ju (Dating, Marriage, and Controversy)

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Love Story Between CEO and His Trainee

You might already know that Yang Hyun-suk is the CEO of YG Entertainment, but do you know that his wife, Lee Eun-ju, was also a trainee and even debuted under a girl-group named Swi.T, under the auspices of YG Entertainment?

Yup, it is a love story between CEO and his trainee. Even more, their love story didn’t just begin when Lee Eun-ju entered YG Entertainment as a trainee. Long before that, Yang Hyun-suk had already been watching her and liked her. Wow, wow, wow, it’s okay to be shocked. But, don’t forget to read this article untill the last page, so you don’t get any misinformation.

Yang Hyun-suk’s Choice: Love or Work?

Yang Hyun-suk first opened up about his love journey with his wife, Lee Eun-ju, in 2012. He talked about his relationship on the variety show program SBS’s ‘Healing Camp’. After talking about his debut with Seo Taiji & Boys, Big Bang’s scandals, and the story behind the production of 2NE1’s hit song “I Am The Best”, he then talked about his secret 9-year relationship with his wife, Lee Eun-ju.

He said that Lee Eun-ju is the sister of former Sechs Kies member Lee Jae Jin. He first saw her on TV when she was in high school, and he liked her. A few years later, in 1997, he met her again and he recruited her as a trainee. She promoted with a group called Swi.T, but unfortunately, it was the only group from YG that wasn’t successful.

He admitted that he had a secret crush on her for three years at that time. He said that, actually, the girl group would’ve done really well if he had invested more into them, but, he was afraid that she would catch on, and so he purposely paid less attention to that group.

It was between love or work at that time. He said that his heart and his mind were in battle with one another. He even said he didn’t know what to do as the CEO of the company, and also as a man. He is not the type who usually gets nervous, but it was so hard to ask her to be with him. His biggest fear at that time was she would not think of him as a man.

He eventually worked up the courage to call her and tell her that he liked her. Shocked, she responded with, “Excuse me?” Until now, they still talk about it to this day, but she said she thought he was joking. He remained on the phone with her for two hours, convincing her that he was really being genuine. After that, they very naturally began dating. No one knew that they were dating. For nine years, he could never once take her to a coffee shop or to the movie theater. He actually feels really bad for that, so he is trying the best he can to be good to her now.

When asked why they never held an official wedding ceremony, he admitted that they had married after a secret nine-year relationship because Lee Eun-ju became pregnant. He confessed that, previously, he chose his work over his wife, but once she became pregnant, he chose her. Awww, what a sweet man!

He also said that he did not hold a wedding because he didn’t want to stand before other people. He then revealed a rather interesting promise he made with Seo Taiji. He and Seo Taiji had promised that they wouldn’t hold weddings. Just the thought of wearing a tuxedo and standing before other people is, oddly, really embarrassing.

After talking about his love story journey, many netizens gave some bad comments regarding it. Some netizens said that he was cruel to ‘sabotage’ his wife’s career, as he said he was not giving more attention to the group. Moreover, Yang Hyun-suk admitted that he was afraid if Lee Eun-ju became more popular that time.

There was even one person who sayid that Yang Hyun-suk is a pedophile, as he confessed that he started to like her since she appeared in her sister’s TV program, when she showed her house tour on a TV program. At the time, Lee Eun Ju was in her second year of middle school. Well, as you all know, Yang Hyun-suk and his wife have about a 12-year age gap. A few years later, in 1997, Yang Hyun-suk met and later recruited 16-year-old Lee Eun Ju as a YG Entertainment trainee.

Here are some comments from the netizens.

Netizen Disapproving YG's Love Story

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