Find Out More About Xia Junsu Luxurious House On MBC House Of Sharing

Xia Junsu

Don’t miss Xia Junsu comeback in a Variety Show after 10 years in House of Sharing!

K-pop fans from the 2000s must know Kim Jun-su, better known by his stage name Xia Junsu. He was a member of TVXQ, who was debuted in 2004 under SM Entertainment.  TVXQ’s single debuted selling less than 5,000 copies. TVXQ won their first music show award On March 28, 2004, with “Hug” on The Music Trend (Inkigayo).

Unfortunately, In July 2009, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu attempted to split with their Korean management SM Entertainment.  After leaving TVXQ, the man born December 15, 1986, started his activities as a member of the trio JYJ, and also started his solo career in 2010, as well as playing roles in several musical dramas. Let’s find out more about Kim Jun-su’s appearance in the new MBC variety House of Sharing!

About The Show

House of Sharing MBC

On November 26, 2020, MBC has released the official poster for House of Sharing, it’s a reality program where the cast talks about the ‘sharing economy’, which has become a hot topic as they share their things in one house. The cast in this show is JYJ’s Kim Jun-su, Park Myung-soo, Noh Hong-chul, Park Ha-na, and AOA’s Chanmi, who will live in a house together and share their items.

the cast of House of Sharing gives viewers a peek at their chemistry from the poster of the show. It already became a hot topic when they announced about Kim Jun-su as the cast of the program, because it was the idol’s first TV appearance on a major network in 10 years. Kim Jun-su has a serious expression on his face, while holding up a blue motorcycle. It is known that Park Myung-soo and Noh Hong-chul been together on MBC’s variety show before, ‘Infinity Challenge’ before, and this program will be reunited for the first time since then.

First Appearance On TV Shows

Xia Junsu on House of Sharing MBC

In the first episode of MBC’s House of Sharing, which was premiered on December 11, 2019, While the cast settled into their temporary home together, they watched videos of tours of each other’s homes so they could see how they were in real life and what kind of people they were.

Everyone was amazed by Kim Jun-su’s luxurious home, all casts were shocked and amazed by Kim Jun-su’s house at the time of the video showing room toor at Kim Jun-su’s luxury house

Kim Jun-su introduced himself within the video. “It’s been ages since I’ve greeted you, everyone,” he said to the camera. I’m Kim Jun-su, who’s returning to television for the first time in 10 years. Nice to meet you.” He continued, “Honestly, it still doesn’t feel real. It feels like bubbles that you can’t touch, you know? It is like a bubble that if you touch it, it will burst. It feels like if I watch it in my room and see my face on TV, only then perhaps it will feel real.”

After hearing the interview, Kim Jun-su responded by saying “First of all, even seeing my face on the tube screen is fascinating for me.” Then Park Myung-soo responded jokingly, “It’s not a picture tube anymore. it’s an LCD.”

Since he hasn’t been on TV for a long time, Kim Jun-su looks nervous and awkward at his home. even Park Myung-soo teased Kim Jun-su, “I’m sorry, but are you sure you’re not in someone else’s home?” making the cast laugh.

in his interview, Kim Jun-su explained “Although I’ve been a celebrity for a long time, I honestly found it a bit embarrassing to call myself a celebrity. A celebrity is someone who goes on broadcasts and shows. How can someone who’s not been on shows for 10 years be called a celebrity? ”

After that, Kim Jun-su tried to calm himself down by sitting in his massage chair while looking at the view from the window of his house. Seeing Kim Jun-su having a massage chair, the cast asked Kim Jun-su to take him to the house they were going to live in together.

it is known that Kim Jun-su’s luxury home is at Signiel Residence, located on the 44th floor of Lotte World Tower, the residences rumored costs range from 4 million USD all the far to 30 million USD, that means it is the costliest area in Korea.

Healing Time Xia Junsu Version

When Kim Jun-su thought of the things he would bring together, something that could be enjoyed by everyone He said “First of all … there must be nothing else than this. ” while holding his massage chair. Seeing this, the cast was very happy and agreed about it, they also praised Kim Jun-su for having good taste.

Would it be okay to bring this?” wonder while pointing at the plant in his house, because the plant is a set with the chair, he said, “You need to look at that while getting a massage.” Not long after that, Kim Jun-su also saw his TV, and said, “this is also part of the set, it’s a 3-piece set,” which was later called ‘Junsu’s Healing Trio Set‘.

in his interview, Kim Jun-su revealed “While everyone has their own way of healing, I’m planning to share my way of healing with the other people (in the show).” For Kim Jun-su, healing is very important.

Sharing a Car With AOA Chanmi and Noh Hong-chul

Kim Jun-su surprised everyone by designating his top-notch car as a “shared car.” Noh Hong-chul was embarrassed, saying, “That’s really expensive!” Chan-mi, who decided to drive the car, showed concern over and over again by emphasizing the ‘share house’ rule, which was set to “All expenses are 1 / N”. Rather, the owner of the car, Kim Jun-soo, said, “We need to share everything together,” but shared the car coolly.

At first, Chanmi would drive Kim Jun-su’s luxury car, but because of the narrow alley, the other cast members were worried and waited for them to make it to the end of the alley. But at the end, the car stopped. Kim Jun-su finally tried to come over to Chanmi, and it turns out Chanmi was afraid to turn Kim Jun-su’s luxury car because it was too narrow. In the end, Chanmi got down and Kim Jun-su went up for a while to turn the car.

After the car had turned, finally Noh Hong-chul drove the car because Chanmi was too afraid to drive it again.

Trying a Bicycle in the Street

There is a scene where Kim Jun-su wants to use a shared bicycle or public bicycle, but because he had never used this facility, he looks confused about how to get his bike out, because it was locked.

To unlock it, Kim Kim-su learned the way the instructions provided first. After studying and trying to follow his instructions, finally, Kim Jun-su tried it and succeeded. He looked amazed and excited because he managed to unlock his bicycle. After that, Kim Jun-su rode his bike happily, and took a walk while enjoying the views of the city with his bicycle.

Although this variety has only had 2 episodes so far, and there has been no further news about the continuation of the show, but watching from the first episode showing Kim Jun-su’s luxury house, many netizens were very happy and warmly welcomed Kim Jun-su’s return after 10 years of not appearing on TV. many netizens understand that Kim Jun-su is rich because his concert is one of the best selling concerts, and also many netizens support Kim Jun-su and look forward to further activities.

let’s hope for the best for the continuation of the variety show House of Sharing, and also always support and look forward to Kim Jun-su’s next work. Don’t forget to always give love to Kim Jun-su and also the other cast members, so they are always happy and feel loved!