Full Profile Of Xdinary Heroes Guitarist Gaon

Xdinary Heroes Gaon
Xdinary Heroes Gaon

Everything You Need To Know About Xdinary Heroes Electric Guitarist—Kwak Ji-seok a.k.a Gaon!

Do you know about the South Korean band that made their debut on December 6th, 2021, under STUDIO J? For your information, they are Xdinary Heroes (Hangul: 엑스디너리 히어로즈), a band comprising 6 members: Gunil, Jungsu, Gaon, O.de, Jun Han, and Jooyeon. They are a famous South Korean band with their debut single entitled “Happy Death Day”.

In this article, there’s detailed information about a member of Xdinary Heroes who has a position as an electric guitarist. Who is he? Surely you are curious about the member named Kwak Ji-seok, also known as Gaon. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon: starting from his full profile to fun facts about him and more, in the article below.

Xdinary Heroes Gaon Profile

Xdinary Heroes Gaon

Real Name: Kwak Ji-seok (Hangul: 곽지석)

Stage Name: Gaon (Hangul: 가온)

Place and Date of Birth: Guri, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, January 14th, 2002

Star Sign: Capricorn

Blood Type: O

Position In The Group: Electric Guitarist, Lead Rapper, Vocalist


  • Chungui Middle School (graduation)
  • Songyang High School (graduation)

Nationality: Korean

Xdinary Heroes Gaon Fun Facts

  1. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon was the third member to be revealed, on November 16th, 2021
  2. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon’s nickname is Ttangdol (땅돌), which means ground stone
  3. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon was a member of a co-ed band when he was in middle school
  4. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon’s Chinese zodiac is Snake
  5. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon was a subscriber of Gunil’s YouTube channel. When he learned that Gunil is joining the band, he was shocked. It was like meeting a celebrity, he said
  6. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon’s personality is both cheerful and quiet
  7. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon has shallow knowledge
  8. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon’s favorite things are watching movies and dramas
  9. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon’s personal hashtags are #ENTP #free-spirited #soul
  10. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon’s motto is “The more you tap the iron, the harder it gets.”
  11. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon’s favorite food is jelly, “The only food I’m obsessed with is that, but recently, I ate my favorite chicken for 6 days.”
  12. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon’s favorite emoticons are emoticons that enlarge your face when you panic
  13. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon’s favorite hero is Iron Man
  14. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon likes Bernard Werber’s books. When he was in middle school, he had already read Ants, The Thanatonauts, Papillon, and The Third Humanity.
  15. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon has watched the K-Drama Goblin 7 times
  16. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon’s favorite subject in school was Life Science, so he got 1st grade and 100 points
  17. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon likes to wear a New York Yankees hoodie
  18. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon’s roommate is Jungsu
  19. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon has a habit of setting up the alarm 30 minutes later and go back to sleep in the morning
  20. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon took dance lessons just 3 times at JYP Entertainment. He practiced waves in front of a mirror with an elementary school-age trainee for two hours and he mastered the wave in 4 hours
  21. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon is a close friend of Jooyeon because he is the first person who treated Gaon friendly after joining the company
  22. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon’s body part he is confident in is his eyes because he has big eyes that surpass all others
  23. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon tends to get peace of mind saying, “The day is over,” while showering with warm water at the dorm
  24. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon seems to be the member who eats spicy food the most among all the other members
  25. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon cries when something familiar is gone, it happened when a friend he practiced with left and something precious of his disappeared
  26. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon said that he wants to become an artist like a candle that burns softly rather than a light that flashes and goes out
  27. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon is watching the Netflix drama Sea of Silence
  28. Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon likes to solve puzzles and seems to be good at it

Xdinary Heroes Gaon Pre Debut

Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon was born in Guri, Gyeonggi-do, his hometown is Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do. When he was in middle school and high school, he was active in the band. When he was in the second year of middle school, Gaon joined the band that his friends from school formed, so he started playing the guitar. Gaon played the guitar during his time as a trainee.

In fact, until he was in high school, he was a science student to the point of dreaming of being the first in the life sciences school and an IoT developer. For the sake of his dream, he made various preparations by winning prizes at school science competitions and opening science projects with his friends.

The most impressive among them was Smart Farm, a project to grow crops with an automated system. It is said that the elements necessary to grow crops, such as how and when to water and how to get air at a certain temperature, were programmed with the Arduino program to grow cabbage in a healthy way.

However, Gaon really liked the band, so he thought that he would like to continue to be active in the band even if he was an office worker in the future.

Gaon also participated in the Dream Show Contest held in Uijeongbu during middle school band activities. There, he got a business card from the JYP casting manager. He said it was scary at the time. It was because he never thought of starting a band, and at the time, he was really thinking of it as a hobby.

Two years later, the agency contacted him again, but they said they did not receive a call. At that time, the casting manager came to the school and after seeing that, he was moved and decided to audition. In a way, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime, and it’s an opportunity that even the most desperate person can’t get without luck. Eventually, he passed the audition and joined JYP Entertainment. In fact, he didn’t know he was going to stick.

When she joined JYP Entertainment, there was a procedure to perform various tests, such as a creativity test, and he said that he finished solving the problems in 10 minutes. According to him, he loved solving problems from a young age, so all the problems at that time were problems he had seen somewhere. So it is said that he solved it well.

Before Gaon came in, the other members of the band asked about Gaon, and they said, “He sings songs at the main vocal level, he has a really handsome face, and he has a skill that can beat him no matter where he puts his guitar. Everything is good.”

Gaon is a stage name that he made up. It looked so cool to have ‘On’ in the name, so he put all of them in front of it, but he decided that Gaon was the coolest. Also, Gaon means “middle” in pure Korean, so it was attached to the desire to become the center of communication within the team, like Gaon who likes to communicate.

He said that he wants to write a song that can comfort the marginalized. Gaon wants to let people know that everyone is important, and that no one is useless, and in the end, he wants to convey the message that everyone has a story and that everyone is important.

Xdinary Heroes Gaon Debut In 2021

In Xdinary Heroes, he plays rhythm and backing (accompaniment or chords) guitar. Gaon has been playing the guitar for about 5 years before his debut. He first picked up the guitar when he was in middle school when he joined a band in middle school.

He said that his seniors taught him to play the guitar in the original band, but the time didn’t match, so they only taught him how to read tabs and the chromatic scale.

He only played a few rhythms, but he couldn’t do it, so he quit the academy and went to practice a lot for two months. After that, he studied on his own, and after joining JYP Entertainment, he learned to play the guitar again.

According to Noh Eun-jong, a JYP guitar teacher, he was surprised that he had the age and soul to play despite his young age, and he said that he liked it very much. Park Jin-young said, “You should be bolder. He wants to play with his heart on stage,” and he heard about the advice. According to Park Jin-young, he seems like he’s crazy when he’s shy, but he has the ability to organize his thoughts well.

Park Jin-young has also produced many singers, but at the first meeting, he said that Gaon was the first child to speak calmly and logically. He commented that it was because of his special ability to speak frankly, calmly, naturally, and comfortably rather than because of his oratory skills. When Xdinary Heroes communicate with their fans and with the media, they expect that Gaon would actually do a good job.

On the first day he greeted the band members after joining JYP, he couldn’t talk about having dinner together, so he went up to a restaurant and ate alone. So he sat alone in the corner to eat, and the members said, “Hey, what are you doing! Let’s eat together!” It is said that after Jun Han joined the band, he saw him there hiding his face.

Xdinary Heroes Gaon Music Taste

The first song he played while learning the guitar was “American Idiot” by Green Day. Gaon liked the punk rock genre. His favorite band is the punk rock band Green Day and he listens to their music as well, “This is rock. I admired that this is music that can be made with a guitar, and I was greatly influenced by them.”

Gaon’s favorite guitar brand is Martin. Originally, Taylor, Martin, and Lakewood were transferred from Taylor to Martin. From Gaon’s point of view, Martin has slightly deeper bass, while Taylor has a strong high and sprinkling of stardust.

Gaon also liked Eric Clapton, so he made a lot of “Layla” covers. In middle school, he also practiced Kotaro Oshio’s “Twilight”. Recently, it is said that he likes Bruno Major. Gaon thinks of the guitar as ‘the soul of the band’. Because everyone has a different sound depending on who is playing. In addition, the guitar has a sexy and original charm that touches people’s hearts. I think the guitar is the band itself.

He currently owns one white and two black guitars. The nickname for the white guitar is Snoopy. It’s a guitar his mother bought him to work hard, but the body is white and the pickguard is slightly dark, so he named it Snoopy. The black guitars have yet to be named.

He said he wants to do Depapepe’s “Fake” in an acoustic guitar collaboration with Jun Han. The part that plays the melody and the part that plays the rhythm keep changing, but you can only do it with two guitars.

According to Geonil, a person changes when he or she picks up the guitar. In the first monthly evaluation after becoming a trainee, he said to the trainer who was filming a video, “Can I play with that decadent expression?”

Gaon also has the ability to play all songs in rock. When he listens to a song, he always thinks about how he can change it to rock. In a variety show, he played the ‘baby shark’ song in a rock version.

As much as it was his dream to become a developer, he was also interested in making music through computer programs. He said he learned Cubase (a music software) when he first started composing, and he said it felt like a good fit for him.

When asked about which instruments he would change positions with, Gaon chose drums, so he looked up a lot of videos because he think of drums as an instrument full of energy.

Well, that was all the information about Xdinary Heroes’ Gaon. Let’s extend our support for him, and hope that his career will shine even brighter in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned for more interesting upcoming articles from Byeol Korea!