All About Wonder Girls’ Sohee’s Transformations From Pre-Debut Until Now!

Wonder Girls' Sohee's Transformations Byeol Korea

Watch Sohee’s Transformations From A SchoolGirl, A Sexy Icon To An Elegant Actress

It is fair to say that former Wonder Girls member Sohee grew up in front of everybody. She started out as the pure and innocent schoolgirl in the Wonder Girls debut performance. Her small and cute face earned her nationwide popularity and the enviable nickname, Nation’s Young Sister.

As Wonder Girls members grew up and reached adulthood, their music concept and group image followed their physical transformation. Initially, Sohee had difficulties in leaving the schoolgirl image behind. Slowly but surely, she transformed into a beautiful goddess and sexy icon.

After leaving Wonder Girls, she left behind her idol image and transformed into an elegant young actress. In this article, Byeol Korea will provide you with a detailed rundown of everything about Sohee’s transformations throughout the years. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down.

Wonder Girls’ Sohee’s Transformations – 2007

Wonder Girls officially debuted in 2007 on the music program Show! Music Core. The second-generation girl group performed their hit single “Irony” from their debut album The Wonder Begins.

With their debut stage performance, Wonder Girls became a trendsetter by wearing school uniforms and set an idol school look trend. The original idol school look was set by none other than Sohee. She wore a tennis skirt, a white shirt, and a trendy uniform suit. One very important accessory was the colorful school tie that was wrapped slightly loose around the neck.

Sohee earned the nickname National Younger Sister for her youthful appearance. Though she has monolid eyes, her eye bags (Kor. 애교살) were very prominent and gave her a cute image. Her chubby cheeks got bigger when she would smile, earning her another nickname, dumpling Sohee. Fans couldn’t help admiring her small face and perfect head to body ratio.

Wonder Girls’ Sohee’s Transformations – 2008

On May 21st, 2008, JYP Entertainment released a pictorial teaser for their upcoming single. Wearing a mini leopard one-piece and outrageously big sunglasses, Sohee was reborn as a luxury girl. She cast away her innocent schoolgirl look and became an elegant young woman.

According to JYP Entertainment, Sohee’s pictorial concept was luxurious but not nasty and cute but still elegant. Though she looked elegant in her sexy one-piece, she couldn’t hide her chubby cheeks.

2008 was the breakthrough year for Wonder Girls. They released the super popular hit singles “So Hot” in early spring, and “Nobody” in early fall 2008. Members and the producer traveled and toured around cities in Korea and the United States.

The music video of “Nobody” was inspired by the American Motown singer and concert. Park Jin-young was the lead singer while Wonder Girls members were the backup dancers. During the promotion for “Nobody,” Sohee and other members wore Motown Style outfits and hairstyles. Sohee looked sexy and classy in a one-tone mini dress. Her hairstyle was sleek and simple.

Wonder Girls’ Sohee’s Transformations – 2009

Wonder Girls started 2009 with a stage performance that was held on January 7th, 2009. They performed their hit single “Nobody.” Members wore cute pastel color mini dresses or pastel mini skirts with body-hugging sweaters. The outfit was quite the opposite of the previous year’s glamourous mini dresses.

In February, Wonder Girls started their American music tour and promoting the English version of “Nobody” and “Tell Me.”

In order to prepare their American music tour, JYP Entertainment launched an English website for Wonder Girls. For their stage performance, Wonder Girls continued using the Motown-style outfit and hairstyle concept albeit with dark-colored and less flashy outfits.

Wonder Girls’ Sohee’s Transformations – 2010

Wonder Girls released their comeback mini-album titled 2 Different Tears on October 5th, 2010. All members wore denim based outfit. Their outfit concept seemed too simple and too bland for their global status. This time, all members’ make-up was slightly heavier and they emphasized the make-up on their eyes.

Wonder Girls’ Sohee’s Transformations – 2011

Wonder Girls made a comeback and released their second studio album Wonder World on November 7th, 2011. The official pictorial for the album was set in black and white images. All the members looked mature, chic but arrogant at the same time. Sohee looked sexy and all grown up in a tight leather mini dress. Her chubby cheeks were almost gone but her youthful and baby face had remained.

Wonder Girls’ Sohee’s Transformations – 2012

Wonder Girls collaborated with international rapper, Akon, for their single “Like Money.” The music video was recorded in futuristic style costumes and hairstyles. All members wore tight latex bodysuits while dancing to the music. Sohee caught the attention with her mature body figure, sexy hips, and s-shaped waistline. The Nation’s Young Sister finally cast away her child-like image and became a Korean sexy icon.

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