All You Need to Know About WJSN’s Eun-seo’s Fashion Style (Airport, Casual, Red Carpet, and Girlfriend)


WJSN’s Eunseo’s Casual Style

Now we’re going to see Eunseo’s casual look in various event. In the picture above, WJSN’s Eunseo was attending the fan sign event while wearing the New York Yankees varsity jacket in dark blue and white color. She also wearing round glasses which made her looks even cuter.

The WJSN’s member who was born in Seoul, South Korea, May 27, 1998 also likes to mix and match her fashion item. If we can see in the picture above, the white clothes that she wears is a must item for casual but Eunseo also wear a black skirt to add the girly look too.

Wearing a sweater is also another choice for you to wear and simply looks casual. Eunseo wear the matching sweater with her member in WJSN, Chengxiao, by having the Strip Onepiece Sweater by rolarola that costs $66.

Eunseo also likes to wear a t-shirt as her simple casual outfit. In the picture above, Eunseo wear the Signature Logo T-shirt (white) by O!Oi that costs approx. $33.33. Although it was only a simple t-shirt with a logo at the center, Eunseo wears it with a dark blue jacket as an outer to make the looks more casual.

The WJSN’s member who was appeared in ‘Running Man’ and became a couple with Lee Kwang-soo was known with her natural beauty as well. She doesn’t need to worry went to public with simple yet casual clothes. In the picture above, Eunseo wear the Logo Print Cotton T-Shirt by BURBERRY that costs $322.

WJSN’s Eunseo’s Red Carpet Style

Red Carpet event is an important one since it was the beginning of the show that represents each guest who came at the event. In the picture above, we can see WJSN’s Eunseo walking down with her members while attending awards by wearing a baby blue dress which made her appearance look-alike with fairy.

Known with her white and pale skin, Eunseo looking so pretty and bright by wearing a white dress with a little ribbon under her neck. Although the members are also wearing the same dress like her, Eunseo looks like she was the visual of the group since her aura really stood out in this white dress.

We can see Eunseo wearing another white dress in another event while walking down in the red carpet with her members. This outfit has a different concept and style since the white dress has turtle neck and designed with net fabric for the long sleeves.

While attending 2018 F/W HERA Seoul Fashion Week, WJSN’s Eunseo, Seola and Bona look match with each other by wearing red clothing while walking down on the red carpet. If you can see in the picture above, Eunseo didn’t wear a dress but she has her own style by having red shoes, black v-neck long-sleeves and a black skirt with strawberry patterns to match the red concept with her members.

Although the white dress almost look the same with the previous one, this one has a little touch of silver as we can see on the ribbon that was added on the collar of the shirt that was see-through. The detailed look also can be seen from the silver dots that was sparkling all over the clothes as well.

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