Complete Information About WINNER’s Lee Seung-hoon (Profile, Facts, ABS, Tattoo, Dog, Fashion Style, and Instagram)


WINNER’s Seunghoon’s Dog

WINNER is famous for being a group who love animals, as each of the members has their own pet. Seunghoon owns two dogs of different breeds. One is a chihuahua named Lee Hee, and the second is an Italian greyhound named Haute. Currently, Lee Hee is cared for by Seunghoon’s parents in Busan, while Haute lives with Seunghoon in WINNER’s dorm.

Seunghoon is known to spoil Haute, as he would spend $100 just for Haute. He also manages an Instagram page for Haute (@maetamongisdad), which has gained over 160,000 followers. During WINNER’s appearance on the Cultwo Show in December, 2018, Seunghoon said that he will organize a fan-sign for Haute by using Haute’s paw-print if Haute’s Instagram followers reach 100 million.

Occasionally, Seunghoon brings Haute whenever he had a schedule with WINNER. He even had a whole magazine photoshoot with Haute for Elle magazine, as you can see below.

WINNER’s Seunghoon’s Dating Rumors

During an interview, Seunghoon once described what he’s looking for in a woman he would date, “It will be nice to have a fashionable girlfriend, because I love being fashionable”. Not only the stylish, Seunghoon also likes women who dress in simple and cute outfits. On the other hand, Seunghoon said that he is attracted to someone who has a firm personality, “She must have her own opinion because she has her own principle”.

During an appearance on MBC’s Radio Star, Seunghoon revealed that he once dated a top star. One of the MCs, Yoon Jong-shin, asked whether the celebrity in question is still popular, which Seunghoon confirmed, saying “She is popular all the time”. Besides addressing his dating rumor, Seunghoon also shared his tips for dating a celebrity: keeping the secret, being patient, and loving the person sincerely, “Talking about it here for laughs could be harmful to her so I am still cautious”. The other MC, Cha Tae-hyun, joked that what Seunghoon said about dating the famous person sounded like they were not actually together, to which Seunghoon replied diplomatically that it could have been one-sided dating.

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