Complete Information About WINNER’s Lee Seung-hoon (Profile, Facts, ABS, Tattoo, Dog, Fashion Style, and Instagram)


WINNER’s Seunghoon, the Skillful Dancing Machine

Ever since his very first appearance on the television program K-pop Star, Seunghoon was immediately recognized as a talented kid who was able to dance in various styles. Though WINNER’s choreography is relatively easy to follow, Seunghoon’s dancing skill shouldn’t be underestimated. In mid-July, 2018, it was reported that Seunghoon was being included as a coach for KBS2’s Dancing High, along with other idols such as Highlight’s Gikwang and Hoya, and professional dancers Lia Kim and Just Jerk.

The show’s representative said that Seunghoon will show his distinct quality and his leadership skills in leading the teenaged team. Lee Seung-hoon, who previously often danced in the street during his predebut days, stated that he will do his best as a YG representative,  “I want to create ‘an eye-opening opportunity’ for them to improve their skills”.

In the first episode, all the judges of Dancing High put on a special performance which showcased their respective talents. Seunghoon became the first dancer and collaborated with a ballerina, showing his graceful moves as he brought the dancer in the air.

Seunghoon named his dance team Big Dipper. One of their more memorable performances in the show was when they performed Cha Cha Malone’s You Too and Sia’s Alive. Instead of moving energetically, Seunghoon built a touching story into the choreography as each member of Big Dipper got their respective spotlight.

In mid-September, 2018, Seunghoon showcased his skill through the teaser for New X Academy. moving along with two crews of The Kinjaz, Seunghoon showed that he is a true master of choreography as he danced to AGNEZ MO’s Overdose, which you can watch below.

Seunghoon’s Tattoo and Abs

As a musician who expresses freedom and creativity, it’s not a surprise that Seunghoon conveys them not only through music and choreography, but also with body art. In December, 2015, Seunghoon shared a glimpse of the tattoo on the back of his right shoulder.

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For my circle

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Seunghoon got a tattoo of WINNER’s logo, as well as a cosmic pattern inside the logo.  The tattoo was aimed for Inner Circles, WINNER’s fans, as a form of his gratitude toward the fans who offer their support all the time. The tattoo is often seen during WINNER concert tours, as Seunghoon wears outfits which reveal his upper back.

Besides having a tattoo, Seunghoon also has well-defined abs. He revealed his abs for the first time in a pictorial for Elle magazine. Though he doesn’t show them as often as his tattoo, the fans are able to spot Seunghoon’s abs during the concerts, as well.

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