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All About Friendship Between WINNER’s Mino and BLOCK B’s P.O (Debut, Struggle, Facts, and Collaboration)

Song Mino and P.O Byeol Korea

Everything You Should Know More About South Korean Two Talented Rapper Friendship: WINNER’s Mino and BLOCK B’s P.O

When we feel that life is full of problems and stressful, it feels better if we have friends who can accompany and motivate us to stay ahead. In the world of K-Pop, many things can happen cause the idol to feel stressed like endless schedules, paparazzi, slanted gossip, haters, and many more. At least there are some idols who are fortunate to have close friends by their side, both difficult and happy.

These two talented rappers, WINNER’s Song Min-ho and BLOCK B’s P.O have been close friends since high school, they also expressed the same dream of becoming a rapper. In the beginning they became trainees to debut together in Block B. However, Mino chose to leave the agency before the group debuted. Despite debuting in two different groups, the two are still close friends. When P.O became the MC of the ‘Strange Restaurant’ event on Olive TV, Mino sent a special coffee truck to all staff.

In this article, Byeol Korea will show you about WINNER’s Mino and BLOCK B’s P.O’s Friendship. So, don’t skip this article!

Song Mino and P.O’s Fun Facts

  • Mino and P.O have been friends since they were in high school and later became trainees at the same agency before joining YG Entertainment. Of course, Mino used to be a trainee from a Block B’s agency. But unfortunately Mino decided to move and finally managed to debut in the group, WINNER under YG Entertainment.
  • Although not a group, they continue to form friendships until now. Their friendship has been more than 10 years.
  • They really like photography, especially with vintage cameras.
  • They also released a duet single titled “Promise”.
  • Both of them often do silly things when they are together.

Their Struggles Before Debut

Harian Pijar

WINNER’s Mino and BLOCK B’s P.O shared about their difficulties before their debut in the episode that aired on January 31st, 2019, on SBS’ program “We Will Channel You”. During the program, Kang Ho-dong visited Mino’s dorm and fellow WINNER member Kim Jin-woo. P.O came too and he showed off his close friendship with Mino.

Mino before debuting with WINNER

Mino discussed his debut on BoM, the ballad group that was disbanded in 2013. He shared, “My debut with Block B was canceled due to a contractual disagreement between parents and agency, so then I joined a new agency and started my debut. At that time, I couldn’t even dream of winning first prize at a music show program, and I was very happy that I could perform on stage. I want to do hip hop, but I sing ballads. Even though it’s not the music I want to do, I’m grateful.”

P.O added, “When Mino debuted, Block B won first place, and we met each other. At that time, all the members cried so we couldn’t even perform.” Mino recalled, “It feels strange to know that the members of Block B are watching my debut stage. Zico cried a lot.” Then P.O revealed, “Mino wrote the lyrics at that time, but the agency registered the copyright under someone else’s name.” Mino said, “In my song ‘Fear’, there was a reference to my previous agency. I didn’t even get 10 won there. I wrote lyrics for five mini albums, but my name didn’t even appear. They spoke as if it was natural not to mention my name.”

P.O before debuting with BLOCK B

P.O also shared about his own struggle before debut. Previously on “Radio Star,” P.O expressed Mino’s loyalty when P.O was expelled from the agency and Mino voluntarily left as well. P.O added that he was expelled because he was not approved by Zico and said, “Zico is responsible for everything. The agency brought him from Japan, and it was he who made the group.” So when he was expelled, Mino went with him because they were friends.

Kang Ho-dong pointed out that he shouldn’t have returned to the agency if that was the case, and Mino shyly confessed, “I’m going right back. I’m sorry.” Kang Ho-dong asked P.O if Mino was easily persuaded to return to the agency, and P.O said Mino had told him, “I will try [trainees] first and then convince them of you.” Mino laughed embarrassed but admitted he actually said that.

P.O then shared the story behind the birth of Block B. Park Kyung and Zico used to be an underground hip hop duo. Park Kyung, who attended school in New Zealand, was invited to Korea by Zico so that they could become joint singers, but Park Kyung was expelled [by the agency]. P.O admitted, “The agency doesn’t like Park Kyung. I can’t give the details to you.”

Knowing their struggle, it’s a relief that WINNER’s Mino and BLOCK B’s P.O have debuted and succeeded in their respective groups!

New Journey To The West

TvN’s mainstay variety show, New Journey to the West 5 finally aired its premiere episode on Sunday (09/30/2015) night. The progam opened at a pension hotel, where BLOCK B’s P.O first showed his face as a new member of New Journey to the West 5. Joining as a guest member, P.O is widely known as a close friend of WINNER’s Song Mino, one of the cast of New Journey to the West 5, since high school. During an interview with the production team of New Journey to the West 5, P.O said, “Mino is a friend that I met even when we were enemies. We are very close indeed.”

Kang’s Kitchen


Kang’s Kitchen Theme Song By Song Mino and P.O

Song Mino from WINNER and P.O from Block B shared a funny music video for the theme song program “Kang’s Kitchen 2” entitled ‘Pat Pat.’ The video shows Mino and P.O meeting in a studio in Seoul before shooting for a show. There, Song Mino showed his doubts about P.O.’s cooking skills. When he learns that P.O is part of the cooking staff, he reprimands him by saying that he must start by washing the dishes.

With a soft rhythm and a catchy tone, this song highlights the typical humor in this program to promote Kang’s Kitchen 2. The lyrics in this song also tell about various dramas that often occur in this cooking program.

Here is a video clip for a song called Pat Pat!

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