Facts About Wanna One’s Kang Daniel Instagram Account, 1 Day for 1 Million Followers!


Don’t be Shock! 1 Million Followers for 1 Day Only from Kang Daniel’s Instagram Account

You guys must be familiar with Kang Daniel, right? Kang Daniel is the center of Wanna One, a group formed by a survival program in 2017, Produce 101 Season 2. Following the center of the previous season, Jeon So-mi, Daniel was in the first rank with a total of 1.578.837 votes. Daniel and Wanna One debuted under Swing Entertainment with a two-year contract, starting from August 7th, 2017, until their official disbanding on December 31st, 2018. Wanna One debuted with Energetic, that immediately became popular among fans and took over the charts. Really, their power was undeniable! Before disbanding, they made their last comeback with Spring Breeze and are still at the top of the charts.

Same as other idols, Wanna One like to update their fans with photos and videos through Wanna One’s official Instagram account. They did not have personal accounts until their disbandment and now all of them have their own! Daniel also made one, do you follow him already?

Kang Daniel’s Instagram Account

Daniel officially opened his Instagram account at the beginning of January 2019. His fans greeted him to the platform with so much enthusiasm. We know that Wanna One’s fans are so many and they are all over the world. This is proven by how many followers Daniel got in a very short time. Since then he constantly updates fans with his photos, which drives his fans crazy. If you haven’t followed him yet, check out his page (@thisisdaniel_k) below:

Believe it or not, Daniel broke the record by getting 1 million followers on the first day since he officially opened his Instagram account! And this is noted in the Guinness World Record. Even on his first post, he got over 1 million likes and over 100.000 comments.

Latest News About Kang Daniel

Since Wanna One’s disbandment, each of the members is in the middle of discussions for their future career. Kang Daniel and his fellow member from the same company, Yoon Ji-sung, reported signing a contract with an independent label under their current agency, MMO Entertainment. However, fans are expecting them to make their debut as soon as possible with their own group.

Later, on January 27th-29th, Wanna One held their final farewell concert. Since last year, the tickets had been already sold out. Other than that, there is no other news about the idol. Let’s just hope he will make his debut real soon!

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