All About Wanna One’s Ha Sung-woon Relationship Between All Others KPOP Idol!


Ha Sung-woon with Bae Jin-young


the closeness between Han Sung-woon and Bae Jin-young began when they were on the ‘Boy In Luv’ team when they were still in ‘Produce 101 season 2,’ at this time Bae Jin-young still didn’t have the confidence like now.

on their variety show on ‘Wanna One Go,’ Bae Jin-young sang the song ‘In Front of Your House’ by Kim Bum-soo. This song is Ha Sung-woon’s favorite song, and is the song Ha Sung-woo sang at the audition to be a participant in ‘Produce 101 season 2.’ At first Bae Jin-young sang along with Hwang Min-hyun, but it wasn’t long before Ha Sung-woo came out with hair that was still wet because he took a shower.

seeing Ha Sung-woo Bae Jin-young and Hwang Min-hyun immediately give their mic to Ha Sung-woo to sing. after the first song, Ha Sung-woon then sing alone in the second song, this song is also his favorite song, which is one ost from a famous drama in South Korea ‘Sassy Girl Chun-hyang’ but the funny thing is when Ha Sung-woon singing the song, the mic continues to be taken by other members during the chorus. in the first reff the mic was taken by Bae Jin-young and in the second chorus was taken by Ong Seung-woo.


in the video behind the scenes to film the MV on their last album, Bae Jin-young was as a reporter who was interviewing Ha Sung-woon in QnA time. in this clip, Bae Jin-young tells us that initially when Ha Sung-woo gave him advice that was like bitter pills to swallow, he didn’t understand. but as time went by Bae Jin-young began to understand that what Ha Sung-woon said to him was for his good so he would be better. Ha Sung-woon also stated that the reason he did that to Bae Jin-young was because Bae Jin-young had practiced a lot and he always monitored Bae Jin-young’s progress, he was sure Bae Jin-young could be better and he gave Bae Jin-young 77 points.

Ha Sung-woon with Lee Dae-hwi


having a cheerful and joking nature makes Lee Dae-hwi easy to get close to everyone, including Ha Sung-woon. both of them are both in class A, and earned the nickname ‘Royal A.’ Lee Dae-hwi, who is the center of the song ‘Pick Me’ in ‘Produce 101 season 2’, gets an advantage in group evaluation by being the first person to choose a group member.


Han Sung-woon Lee Dae-hwi Wanna One Produce 101 season 2

In the group evaluation, Lee Dae-hwi was in a group with Han= Sung-woon, Bae Jin-young and also Park Ji-hoon. they performed the song of their senior, BTS which is ‘Boy In Luv.’ With the advantages Dae-hwi has to freely choose his members, he stated that he wanted to make the Avengers team and the first person chosen by Lee Dae-hwi was Ha Sung-woon, then followed by other popular members.

while training, the other teams pose to show off the shoes they just got. seeing this Lee Dae-hwi and Ha Sung-woon don’t want to lose and pose like the one above to show off their shoes.

on their variety show ‘Wanna One Xcone,’ they made subunits and went to his grandfather Han Sun-woon’s house. At first, Dae-hwi refused and said she just wanted to go home. at his grandfather’s house Ha Sung-woon they learn to pluck lettuce. here Dae-hwi’s ability to pull out lettuce is praised by local people and finally, they bring home a box of lettuce.

Ha Sung-woon with Lai Kuanlin


the last is the ‘maknae‘ debuted at a young age and added Lai Kuanlin is not a Korean person and also not fluent in Korean is certainly not an easy thing. Besides learning to communicate in Korean, Lai Kuanlin also has to learn Korean culture.

in ‘Produce 101 season 2’ the closeness between Lai Kuanlin and Ha Sung-woon was not very visible in front of the camera. they were the first time a group of debut evaluations performed ‘Super Hot’ where Ha Sung-woon was the center for the first time. but in the group evaluation both of them performed the song ‘Boy In Luv’ but not as a team but as a rival for the fight for benefit votes. as their debut with Wanna One, the two got closer.

on their variety show, ‘Wanna One Go,’ Ha Sung-woon is watching Zumba dances. seeing this, Lai Kuanlin immediately stood behind Ha Sung-woon and followed the Zumba dance move. along with Hwang Min-hyun also while holding bottles of mineral water in their hands, they moved their hands and thighs with enthusiasm and adorable.

on one of their variety shows, ‘Wanna One’s Amigo TV’ with their full members together answering questions from their fans. when asking about the nickname they want from fans, Lai Kuanlin answered he wanted to be called ‘Lai Kuanlin’ then in a strange tone Ha Sung-woon called the name ‘Lai Kuanlin’ to tease him and make all the members laugh. Hearing this, Ha Sung-woon got the same question, and he answered, ‘Cloud.’ Lai Kuanlin then immediately called Ha Sung-woon with, ‘Cloud’ but in a strange tone, the same as Ha Sung-woon did before to get revenge, and made all the members laugh.

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