All About Wanna One’s Ha Sung-woon Relationship Between All Others KPOP Idol!


Ha Sung-woon with Kim Jae-hwan


Kim Jae-hwan and Ha Sung-woon, both of whom are main vocalists in the group. since in ‘Produce 101 season 2’ both of them are already famous for their voices, and in the position evaluation both are in the same group that is ‘Downpour,’ both of them also had a chance to fight over the ‘main vocal’ position of the song, although the one who became the main vocal was Jae -hwan because according to Sung-woon, Jae-hwan has more powerful vocals than him.

but Sung-woon’s appearance succeeds attract attention even though he was not the main vocal. his performance still managed to captivate the hearts of the ‘national producers’, this is evidenced by the ranking Han Sung-woo slowly began to rise since then, and successfully debuted with Wanna One.

on a variety show in South Korea, Kim Jae-hwan and Ha Sung-woon were asked to play a game where both of them would sing a note alternately, and the note was getting higher and higher, to see which of them could reach the highest note. starting from the lowest note they can, slowly increasing until they reach a very high note.

both of them are even able to reach very high notes so that the people around them are able to hear from a distance. it’s nice to see both of them be competitive to reach their highest notes.

at the Mnet’s year-end awards ceremony, MAMA 2018, Kim Jae-hwan and Ha Sung-woon and also with other singers namely MAMAMOO’s Solar and Wheein, as well as MONSTA X’s Jooheon collaborated to bring their senior song BIGBANG’s Taeyang, ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips. ‘ of course it is an honor for them to participate together in this song considering this is their senior song that was very hit in his time.

Their appearance once again proved the vocal abilities of Kim Jae-hwan and Han Sung-woo’s extraordinary, and has greatly developed from the beginning of their appearance in ‘Produce 101 season 2.’

Ha Sung-woon with Kang Daniel


although their closeness was not very visible at the time in ‘Produce 101 season 2’ after their debut with Wanna One the closeness of the two was increasingly visible. even though Ha Sung-woon is older than Kang Daniel, and is included in the ‘Hyung line’ in the group. instead Ha Sung-woon often looks cute and adorable.

before debuting as Wanna One, in ‘Produce 101 season 2’  debut evaluation, while all the remaining participants chose the position and song for their debut evaluation, which was the final evaluation before they were chosen to become members of Wanna One. they choose their positions one by one from their last ranking to their highest ranking.

because at that time Kang Daniel was ranked first, then Kang Daniel was the last person who would choose a position and could freely change the position of others who had filled the position he wanted.

Kang Daniel kindly took the position of subvocal 1, where he usually becomes a rapper. he did it so that Ha Sung-woon could be the main vocal on the song ‘Super Hot.’ seeing this, Ha Sung-woon was very happy and thanked Kang Daniel.

Kang Daniel also felt that Ha Sung-woon was suitable to be the main vocal, so he did that.

in a clip of Wanna One when backstage shows that there is Kim Samuel, a former participant of ‘Produce 101 season 2’ who failed to debut with Wanna One, and came to wait for Wanna One in their waiting room while carrying his pet dog.

when Wanna One finished performing and returned to their waiting room, they were surprised and welcomed Kim Samuel who was waiting for them there. when the members are very cool playing with Samuel’s pet dog, Kang Daniel feeds his dog Kim Samuel to Ha Sung-woon, then Ha Sung-woon eats it, LOL. after eating it, Kang Daniel just told Ha Sung-woon that it was dog food, and hearing that, Ha Sung-woon immediately spewed the food into his hands and left.

Ha Sung-woon with Park Ji-hoon


Ha Sung-woon and Park Ji-hoon both started close when they were on the ‘Boy In Luv’ team during the group evaluation in ‘Produce 101 season 2.’ when it was formed the team was given the nickname as the Avengers Team because it contained popular participants.

in this team, Ha Sung-woon was chosen as the Leader and showed more his dance skills than his vocal.

at their fan meeting in Malaysia, ‘Wanna be Loved.’ the members did several games on the stage, one of them playing palm push game. which is a game between two people, and both of them can only stand in place and push their opponents to become unbalanced. at the time of Han Sung-yoon’s turn, he had to fight Park Ji-hoon.

after going through a fierce battle because both are equally good at doing this game, finally when Han Sung-woon tried to push Ji-hoon, instead he became unbalanced and ended up hugging Park Ji-hoon. this caused Park Ji-hoon to win in this game.

on K-rush Idol Weekly with Wanna One which aired on KBS, Wanna One promoted their comeback song ‘Beautiful.’ In this event, 4 members of Wanna One namely, Kang Daniel, Hwang Min-hyun, Kim Jae-hwan, and Bae Jin-young were unable to attend because they had other schedules.

guided by their leader Yoon Jisung as the MC, they began by giving greetings one by one and explaining their comeback songs.

when all the members gave their little choreography footage, Ha Sung-woon teased Park Ji-hoon by doing the back hug movement in the song by hugging Park Ji-hoon from behind while dancing. Park Ji-hoon, who was currently focused on dancing in shock and confusion, turned and asked Ha Sung-woon to do it himself in a joking tone. Ha Sung-woon must’ve really like Park Ji-hoon.

Ha Sung-woon with Park Woo-jin


as well as Ong Seung-woo, Park Woo-jin and HanSung-woon began to close after they both were in class A on the individual evaluations that aired in the first episode and getting back to A during reevaluation. they both together with Ong Seung-woo received the ‘Royal A’ since then because of their excellent singing and dancing. Even though Park Woo-jin is a rapper in the group, he is also good at singing.


following in the footsteps of Ha Sung-woon and Ong Seung-woo who had already followed the ‘Law of the Jungle,’ this time Park Woo-jin made his preparations before going to the forest. but a little different from the two of them, this time Park Woo-jin left alone without the other Wanna One members.

remembering that Ha Sung-woon was experienced in the forest, Park Woo-jin contacted Ha Sung-woon to assist him in preparing the items that would be needed to be brought to the forest.

after reminding her of some things that needed to be brought and those that didn’t need to be brought, Sung-woon stated that he believed Woo-jin could definitely survive in the forest, which he was a bit worried about, Park Woo-jin might feel lonely, because he had gone with Seung- woo Sung-woon also advised Park Woo-jin not to get hurt while there, and Park Woo-jin replied that he would return safely. then Sung-woon cheers him up.

Park Woo-jin Han Sung-woon Vlive
V Live

Ha Sung-woon once did a V Live with Park Woo-jin, at the beginning of their V Live, they said that in fact they were currently V Live and demonstrated their choreography but suddenly disconnected, and then they thought maybe God didn’t allow them to give spoilers regarding their comeback.

while V Live they are waiting for their food to come and when they come they are eating steak. not long after the food came, Park Ji-hoon came to their room and joined V Live. They also talked about changing their appearance from the beginning of their debut to the present. Han Sung-woo said that Ji-hoon looked more manly now than before, then Woo-jin added that Ji-hoon used to do aegyo a lot. while eating the steak and sandwich they bought, Han Sung-woo said that the food they ate at that time was their secret.

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