TWICE Nayeon Sister Profile, Moments Together, Instagram, Etc.

TWICE Nayeon

TWICE Nayeon and Her Relationship with Her Sister

TWICE’s Nayeon recently gained lots of attention since she made her first solo debut in early 2022. The other TWICE members are pleased and supportive of her, just like her real sisters!

However, did you know that TWICE’s Nayeon also has a sister in real life? Nayeon’s sister is quite popular among the fans and other TWICE members, so no wonder many people are curious about her. In this article, Byeol Korea will explain everything about TWICE’s Nayeon’s little sister, so keep reading!

Meet TWICE Nayeon Sister Im Seo-yeon

TWICE Nayeon

As the oldest member in TWICE, Nayeon somehow radiates the mature and motherly side toward the other members. Well, no wonder, in real life, Nayeon has a sister too! Her family consists of a mother, father, and a younger sister named Im Seo-Yeon.

Since Im Seo-yeon isn’t a celebrity, her private information isn’t that much, but she is known to be born in 1998, making her 3 years younger than Nayeon since she was born in 1995.

However, since their face is very similar, it also feels as though Nayeon and her sister are the same age. Meanwhile, Nayeon once said that her sister looks similar to TWICE’s Jihyo when she wears glasses.

It seems like Seoyeon is pursuing her next step in her study since Nayeon was reportedly going to her high school graduation. Seoyeon is also well-known to be a shy person because the moment she attended TWICE concert and was recognized by people, she turned very shy immediately and avoided the spotlight.

Relationship Between Nayeon and Her Sister

Although Nayeon and her younger sister have rarely been seen together in the public, the relationship between them is very strong. Nayeon and Seoyeon are very supportive of each other, just like how Nayeon took her time to attend her sister’s graduation, and how Seoyeon is well-known as a loyal ONCE (TWICE’s fandom).

Their mother once also shared the childhood picture of her daughters, and it somehow showed the affection between Nayeon and her sister since their childhood. At another time, Nayeon and her younger sister spend time together just like typical siblings.

Even she also helps Nayeon during filming even though she ended up making her older sister can’t hold back her laughter! Aside from that, the other TWICE members seem to recognize Seo-yeon pretty well since they once said hello to Nayeon’s sister during the group’s live session together!

TWICE Nayeon Sister Social Media

Since Nayeon’s sister is entirely private and rarely seen in public, it somehow makes people curious even more about her and started to look for her on social media, such as her Instagram account. However, it seems like Seoyeon’s social media is private and never reveals it to the public. So, let’s just respect her privacy!

That’s everything about TWICE’s Nayeon’s little sister, Im Seo-yeon! Although the information about her isn’t that much, it is very pleasing to know her and Nayeon’s relationship as siblings. Let’s always root for both of them!

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