All You Need to Know About TWICE’s Nayeon’s Fashion Styles That You Can Copy!

twice nayeon

Here’s a Guide For You: How To Be as Stylish as TWICE’s Nayeon!

Im Na-yeon who was famously known as TWICE’s Nayeon was one of the most biggest influences from K-Pop idol, especially for her fans. With her talent, good-looking appearance, kind personality, and such a fashionable person, TWICE’s Nayeon has effortlessly stolen all of the fans’ hearts all around the world! And now, Byeol Korea are going to talk about TWICE’s Nayeon’s fashion taste and will explain to you the details about that, so stay tuned!

Basically, as a K-Pop idol, TWICE’s Nayeon must’ve been looking as gorgeous as possible. Every step she takes, there’s a lot of paparazzi that would haunt her and trying to take a look at every detail of her, including her fashion appearance as well. And TWICE’s Nayeon has proven that she could be looking as gorgeous as ever in every occasion, whether it was during her performance along with TWICE, while she was on the airport, during red carpet awards, and many more! Do you want to know how to be as gorgeous as TWICE’s Nayeon? Let’s find out the answer through the article down below!

Nayeon Modeling Before Debut

twice nayeon

Before we talked about TWICE’s Nayeon’s fashion style, let’s started with a slight throwback with her! Did you know that TWICE’s Nayeon used to be a runway model on the past 2012 back then? Well, some of TWICE’s members also used to be the runway model, including Nayeon, and their pictures while they on the runway stage were being surfaced and amazed their fans as well!

On 2012, TWICE’s Nayeon along with TWICE’s Jihyo and Jungyeon were walking for Ji Chun Hee’s collection runway. The collection was using a fairy-tale look alike concept for the models, and kinda reminded us with Bohemian style look. Through the runway, TWICE’s Nayeon was using a white blouse and light brown pants, with messy bun hairstyle and also, a pair of dove accessories on her hands!

TWICE’s Nayeon also using a natural beauty makeup, which also made her looking effortlessly beautiful! One thing that never changed; her natural beauty was remained the same since then and now, right?

twice nayeon
twice nayeon
twice nayeon

Well, what do you guys think about TWICE’s Nayeon while she was becoming a model runway on 2012?

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