All You Need to Know About TWICE’s Jihyo’s Appearance On MBC’s ‘King Of Masked Singer’


Get To Know More About TWICE’s Jihyo’s Golden Voice, Below!

Park Ji-hyo (hangul: 박지효) is known as a lead vocalist in JYP Entertainment’s girl-group, TWICE, which debuted in 2015 with the single Like OOH-AHH. Before debuting as a member of TWICE, Jihyo was one of JYP Entertainment’s longest-term trainees and is a highly-skilled vocalist.

In this article, Byeol Korea going to take a look at Jihyo’s performance on MBC’s ‘King Of Masked Singer‘ and how her golden voice left the viewers and panelists alike amazed.

About The Show

King Of Masked Singer (미스터리 음악쇼 복면가왕) is also known by the title Mystery Music Show: Masked Singer’s King and was aired on MBC TV every Sunday at 16:50 KST. The show is a singing competition program in South Korea that revealed its guest stars wearing a mask, and each set of masked singers would compete against each other for two episodes.

The masks that the singers wear are made by the designerHwang Jae-geun, to hide their real identities. The format for King Of Masked Singer has two sessions. In the first session, the singers perform the same song together, and in the second session, the singers had to sing a solo song. The winner is chosen by an instant live vote from the audience and celebrity panelists.

The contestants can’t reveal their identity and take off their masks unless they are eliminated or become the new Mask King.

First Battle

TWICE’s Jihyo was a contestant of King Of Masked Singer‘s 35th Generation Mask King and appeared on the Episode 69 broadcast on July 24, 2016. The mask she wore was called “You Hold Me, Little Ghost”.

On her first appearance on stage, Jihyo was already wearing her mask and walked to the stage wearing a red robe with a bodyguard by her side. The panelists who saw her immediately remarked that she was so cute.

Once the contestants were on the stage, Jihyo had a chance to sing a song with her opponent, SEVENTEEN’s DK, performing Dream, a duet song from Suzy and EXO’s Baekhyun. The panelists kept commenting that the two contestants were so cute as they started to sing the song.

Jihyo sang in a romantic voice which was a far cry from her scary-but-cute “You Hold Me, Little Ghost” mask, and her voice was very clear and beautiful.

Comments From The Panelists

After the contestant’s first performance together, Kangnam, as a panelist, commented that her moves looked old, but as soon as Jihyo started to sing, he approved of her sweet, beautiful voice.

Another panelist also commented that Jihyo and SEVENTEEN’s DK’s performance while singing together was so cute.

Oh My Girl’s YooA who was one of the panelists that day, agreed that their voices were really nice, and the other panelist who was sitting next to her agreed.

After Jihyo and DK performed the song together, the legendary MC and Gag Man, Kim Gura, also commented that they sing very well, along with another panelist’s comment saying that they were very pretty.


The panelists were also saying that they should collaborate together to release an album since their voices were really unique and beautiful.

The soft tones of the two masked singer were a perfect match for each other and became the sweetest harmony that they could perform on stage. One of the panelist, Young Seok, said that it was just like watching a romantic French movie when they sang together.

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