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Complete Compilation List of TVXQ Got Tired and Angry of Their Sassaeng Fans!

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tvxq changmin yunho sassaeng fans

Meet the Legendary and Everlasting Idol Group, TVXQ!

TVXQ (previous group name called DBSK) is a legendary idol group under SM Entertainment. They started to debut back in 2003, with total five members. But after their iconic comeback ‘Mirotic’ in 2009, TVXQ  lost three of their members. Since then, they started to promote with the remaining two members, the leader, Yunho, and the maknae, Changmin.

We know that TVXQ are really popular, especially in Korea. Of course, they will have a lot of fans and a huge fanbase. And because of that, there will be always a certain number of obsessive fans, known as sassaeng, that will always follow them around. In today’s article, we’re going to look at some moments from TVXQ, where they encountered these creepy sassaeng fans at events.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into our main topic today!

Yunho Drank Mixing Glue on His Drink

tvxq changmin yunho sassaeng fans

On July 24, 2014, Yunho appeared on MBC’S reality show ‘Stargazing,’ and talked about his past experience and how he overcame the traumatic events. He shared a story from back in 2006, while he was filming a reality show program. There is a “fan” who approached him and gave him a poisoned drink. He said,

“At that time, a fan came up to me and handed me some drink. However, i usually had a bad habit where i always drinking something in one go (one shoot). After i drank it all, i noticed a strange fragrance. After that i passed out, but i heard someone says that i  coughed in blood. Later on, i found out that there was a strong adhesive chemical in there.”

Apparently the so-called ‘fan’ was actually Yunho’s anti; she really hated him and gave some hate mail and a drink with glue in it. Because of the glue drink, his throat and stomach were affected badly.

tvxq changmin yunho sassaeng fans

Yunho was traumatized by the incident; he even considered quitting his career as a singer. To overcome his trauma, Yunho went to counseling, and tried to drink from the same brand. He said:

“At that time, i briefly thought that i should stop being a celebrity. I was unable to even greet people properly, my view was shaky.” He then continued, “Should I called it as a panic attack? I even went to the hospital for a short time, then, later on, I felt angry that I was traumatized like that. That’s why I went home and overcame my fear by drinking a beverage from the same brand.”

tvxq changmin yunho sassaeng fans

After the event went to the court, the anti-fan who gave Yunho a poisonous drink asked for his forgiveness. Because she was “at the same age” as his sister, Yunho forgave her right away.

Hit Changmin With a Bag Full of Rocks

tvxq changmin yunho sassaeng fans

A bad incident also happened towards the maknae, Changmin. Back then, sassaeng fans followed both Changmin and Jaejoong to the bathroom with a video camera. After that, both members were angry and scolded the sassaeng fans.

Instead of apologizing, the sassaeng fans were very angry and started to hit Changmin with their camera. Not only that, they also repeatedly hit Changmin with a bag of rocks, causing the maknae to start to cry.

Here are pictures of the event:

tvxq changmin yunho sassaeng fans

Looked for DBSK’s Personal Seal to Register A Marriage Documents

These so-called fans fall in love with the members not only as fans to their idol, but it becomes a feeling from woman toward a man. They become obsessed and eager to be in a relationship, or, the worst thing, trying to force the DBSK members to marry them.

Either they went to idol’s apartment, track them to several places, or used the website and searched for the personal seal of the DBSK members. Why would they search that? The answer is so the sasaeng fans could register a ‘Marriage Document’, so they could marry one of them!

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