All You Need to Know About TVXQ’s Changmin’s Daily Life On MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’


Reporter Shim At Jeju Market

On MBC’s “I Live Alone”, Changmin was taking a holiday to Jeju island and visited Jeju Market. At the market he bought rice cakes, citrus fruit, and chocolates. He was really cute when he was trying all the sample foods in the market. The seller was looking happy, with a bright smile when she was watching him. Finally, he bought a black pork barbecue, which is a Jeju specialty.

He admitted that he felt changes in his body. He said, “My body is weak these days. In the summer it’s too hot and in the winter it’s too cold.”

He added, “As I get older, it’s been harder for me to eat as much as I did before. I don’t eat as much now.” When asked how much he’d eaten before, he said, “In my prime, I would eat eight meals a day. I would have eight portions of ribs with three bowls of rice and two bowls of naengmyun (cold noodles). That was about 3-4 years ago.”

Going Hiking With Xiumin  from EXO

Xiumin from EXO went traveling with Changmin for “I Live Alone”. Even though, Xiumin and Changmin were friends and under the same label, SM Entertainment, Xiumin was a big fans of TVXQ long before he joined SM. Changmin was even one of the reasons he chose to join the label.

In this episode, Changmin woke up shirtless in his bed and then got up and started preparing a lunchbox. After that, he went to the airport and met Xiumin, who arrived happily and with open arms.

They went hiking to Hallasan (Halla Mountain), the famous mountain in Jeju. They had a smowball fight, sang the sone “Let It Go” together, and even made snow angels. They also had some snack while they were hiking. They did some funny things together, lovely 🙂

Here’s a preview from the Hallasan episode, check it out,

Fun Facts About Changmin

One fun fact from the show is that Changmin’s body has been getting a lot of attention when he wakes up shirtless in the morning. Everyone in the show is talking about it and the host teased him by saying, “Maybe his stomach are in his chest.” Everyone  was bursting into laughter.

Changmin then explained, “I work out a lot.” Jun Hyun Moo commented, “I respect you for the fact that the waistband of your underwear doesn’t fold. We can’t see the logo [of our boxers] because it folds down.

The variety show “I Live Alone” starring Changmin got high ratings right after launching in television. From Nielsen Korea, the first episode had a 10.1 percent, and the second episode had an 11.6 percent audience share.

Latest News About Changmin

Beside the concert that he’s doing with his group, TVXQ, Changmin also joined some variety shows on food topics and is getting to shoot in the United States.

Recently Changmin was going to Thailand for a photoshoot and interview with GRAZIA magazine. This is his second time visiting Bangkok, after TVXQ had a concert there.

On his Instagram account, he was recently showing his muscular body again by sunbathing shirtless in Thailand.

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That’s all the news Changmin from TVXQ in the reality show “I Live Alone”. We’re cheering for his success in his career. Keep confident and fit with your body, you are a role model! Don’t forget to give your thoughts and comments below! 🙂