All You Need to Know About TVXQ’s Changmin’s Daily Life On MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’


Let’s Check The Handsome and Muscular Changmin TVXQ

Changmin, who born in Seoul, February 18, 1988, was scouted by SM Entertainment when he was only fourteen years old. One of talent agents saw him singing and playing badminton during gym class. He then got an offer to do an audition, since he didn’t currently have a goal to be a singer, Changmin almost rejected the offer. His mother insisted he try the audition, since she dreamed of meeting BoA. After going through a multi-stage audition process, he was accepted and became a trainee.

In January 2008, he was volunteered to help cleaning a beach in Taean, along with his father, helping clean up the worst oil spill that has ever happened in South Korea. He can speak Japanese fluently. He was graduated from Gaepo High School in 2006 and continued to study, majoring in postmodern music in Kyunghee University in 2009 and pursued a second degree in Film and Arts at Konkuk University. He also pursued a master’s degree at Inha University. Moreover, he has passion for photography and become a student of photographer Kim Young-joon.

Through Byeol Korea, find out more about Changmin on the variety show “I Live Alone” with TVXQ”, you will surprise by the way he lived, so stay tuned!

All You Need to Know About Changmin’s House

In first episode of the variety show “I Live Alone”, Changmin’s house was revealed for the first time. Changmin’s house looked so clean and tidy. Before this, Changmin was living together with Yunho from TVXQ. But since Yunho often brought his friends over at night and sang and danced in the morning, the loud surroundings weren’t a good match with Changmin’s style. Sometimes he needs rest at night after he’s done with work. He finally decided to leave and find his own house, he said during an interview for the show. Other than that, that he agreed that he never got bored living with Yunho.

In the morning, he made his own stew by boiling anchovies for the broth. All the hosts were fascinated with Changmin’s cooking skills. He said he wanted to have long life with a healthy liver, so he was better off cooking his own food food rather than buying it.

Changmin Join Cooking Class

On the next episode Changmin took cooking class. He said that he loved to cook since cooking would give him a healthy liver and a long life. He took a cooking class for a month, along with several other people.

Changmin could be called a secret cooking master. He understands how to make everything from kimbap to chicken with abalone.

This isa photo of some food he made. Everyone was surprised by his amazing skill.

Check out his cooking skills in the video below,

Guitar Practice

Not only did Changmin take a cooking class, he also learned how to play guitar. It was preparation to get ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

He claimed that his guitar was for a beginner, but the guitarist who was teaching him said that his guitar was rare and hard to find in South Korea. The guitar that he was using is worth ten million won, which is around $1000 USD. He used it as a beginner’s guitar, and because of this he said that he was a “young chaebol”, a  term to describe conglomerates in South Korea.

Related to his guitar, there were gold and silver guitar picks made for Changmin in February, 2014, which were spotted by the pick-maker in “I Live Alone”.

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