Everything You Need To Know About The Duo EDM Trophy Cat, Full Profile, Songs, Etc.

Trophy Cat

Get To Know Trophy Cat

TROPHY CAT is a South Korean EDM duo that was made in 2017. The duo consists of Aoora (former member of Double-A “AA”) and producer Friday. The duo has made three remixes and released two digital singles with Edward Avila.​ So, let’s get up close and personal with these two cool and handsome guys. Their remixes are very natural, and cool, and everyone who listens to their songs can feel their energy and vibes. Not only that, but you must also want to know all about their music. We will tell you all about them. Do you want to learn more? Byeol Korea will provide you with all the relevant information and all the facts you need to know. Keep reading.

Full Profiles

Trophy Cat

Stage Name: Aoora (아우라)
Korean Name: Park Geun Lee (박근이)
Date of Birth: January 10th, 1986
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Nationality: Korean
Religion: Christianity
Height: 176 cm (5”)
Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @aoora69
Twitter: @2011_aoora
Facebook: 아우라 AOORA
Youtube: AOORA

AOORA facts:
– AOORA attended Seoul National University and he majored in dance and arts.
– He is a singer, composer, producer, rapper, and also a dancer.
– He is known to be a good rapper.
– His songs are strongly influenced by R&B, but he wants to try various styles as a solo artist.
– His hobbies include playing the piano, composing, and designing clothes.
– He is really good at editing videos.
– He is addicted to Kimchi.
– Aoora was strongly criticized for making faces in a presentation. He later wrote an apology for the disrespect.
– He previously revealed that they were not so well off, therefore he studied hard.
– Edward Avila is one of his good friends.
– AOORA said that he will be re-debuting in another boy group called G.T.I, together with Donggyun and Sibong. They have already opened their official YouTube channel: GTI Official.
– He is currently also part of Trophy Cat, a South Korean EDM duo formed in 2017.
– Actually, he was a member of the K-R&B group ONE-X. However, the group disbanded just after the release of their debut digital single.
– He then made his debut as a solo singer in 2009 as gn.E.
– In 2011 he joined AA, but in 2016 he left the group to pursue a solo career once more.
– In AA, he was known as the oldest member of the group.
– One of his friends said that he is always busy with his career and therefore has no time for relationships.



Their songs are not so many but they have some very good ones. So here’s the discography:

2017: Debut with his first single “Stay” and collaboration with Edward Avila

On June 5th, AOORA and Friday appeared with Edward Avila on Edward Avila’s YouTube channel, announcing that Trophy Cat would have their official debut as a group with their first single and with the participation of Edward Avila. Edward announced that while he would participate in this project, he said that it was only a collaboration not his debut as a celebrity.

On June 20th, a single titled Stay by Trophy Cat x Edward Avila went on sale. It contains two songs: “Stay” in both its instrumental and vocal versions. Edward Avila and AOORA appeared in the video and collaborated in the singing, while Friday did not appear in the MV nor participate in the singing, Friday was only part of the production, arrangements, and composition of the song with the help of AOORA, the singer. The MV for “Stay” was uploaded to Edward Avila’s YouTube channel, as well as his Making Video.
The second single BODY is also a collaboration with Edward Avila and it participated in KCON LA 2017.

On August 21st, Trophy Cat collaborated again with Edward Avila for a second single titled BODY which contains two songs: “BODY” and the music. The MV is like a film and its dance practice was uploaded to Edward Avila’s YouTube channel.

AOORA together with Edward Avila performed at the KCON LA 2017 in Los Angeles, USA, in August and made a live performance of “BODY.”

Music Videos

Let’s watch some of their music videos.

Latest News

There is no recent news about an upcoming album, but if they make a new song or release a new single, we will share all the information from their social media. They will tell us as soon as they start doing promotions on social media. Don’t forget to watch their music videos and keep in touch with them.

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