Full Profile of TRNCG Hohyeon Facts, Debut Era, Group Disbandment, Etc

TRNCG Hohyeon

The Charismatic Main Rapper of TRCNG – Get To Know about Hohyeon!

Have you guys heard about TRCNG? They were a boy group under TS Entertainment, an agency where the group B.A.P managed also. A little bit different from B.A.P, TRCNG initially debut as 10 members group and one of them was Hohyeon.

In the group, he radiates powerful charisma thus he was in charge as the group’s main rapper. Are you curious about him? Let’s get to know more about Hohyeon of TRCNG through this article by Byeol Korea!

Full Profile of TRCNG Hohyeon

TRNCG Hohyeon

Birth Name: Lee Ho-hyeon (이호현)

Stage Name: Hohyeon (호현)

Date of Birth: Dongjak-gu, Seoul, South Korea, October 14, 2001

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: 177 cm

Weight: N/A

Blood Type: A

Nationality: Korean

Position in TRNCG: Main Rapper

Occupation: Rapper

Associated With: TRNCG

Years Active: 2017 – present

Label: TS Entertainment (2017 – 2022)

Instagram: @hohyeonyeahthatsme

Fun Facts about Hohyeon That You Need to Know!

  • Hohyeon’s nickname is ‘Mojjinam’ which means that he has a handsome face
  • His MBTI type is INFJ
  • Hohyeon has attended the School of Performing Arts
  • He was a trainee for approximately 1,5 years before debuting
  • He is left-handed
  • Hohyeon loves cooking
  • TRNCG’s Hyunwoo thinks that Hohyeon is the most handsome member
  • Hohyeon’s motto is ‘Nothing is impossible as long as you don’t give up’
  • He respects Block B’s Zico very much

Get To Know TRCNG Hohyeon Ideal Type Here

The ideal type from our favorite idol must be something important, just like how the fans are curious regarding TRCNG’s Hohyeon’s ideal type. However, Hohyeon never revealed his ideal type publicly so far, but the fans are dying to know the truth. Let’s wait some time until Hohyeon can reveal his ideal type, shall we?

Hohyeon Past Activities

Before his debut as a TRCNG member, Hohyeon has been a trainee under TS Entertainment for around 1,5 years. Ever since a young age, Hohyeon has decided to chase after his dream to become an idol.

Hohyeon has worked really hard to be an idol and at the same time, he focused on his study as a student. Turns out, after almost over a year, Hohyeon eventually made it and was able to debut as a TRCNG member!

Hohyeon Debut with TRCNG

Hohyeon officially debuted with TRCNG on October 10, 2017, with the release of the group’s mini-album “New Generation”, and “Spectrum” marked as the album’s title track. Hohyeon with the other 9 members gained a lot of attention with the group’s captivating debut.

In TRCNG, Hohyeon was in charge as the group’s main rapper where he could radiate different charms and charisma. After the success of “New Generation”, TRCNG also released single albums such as “Who Am I” and “Rising”, then a digital single titled “Paradise”.

Initially, TRCNG debuted with 10 members, but the group was eventually promoted to 8 members group after Taeseon and Wooyeop filed a lawsuit against the company. Made the company take legal actions and responded that the child abuse and violence claims for the 2 members were false.

Hohyeon Activity After TRCNG Disbandment

Unfortunately, after almost 3 years of debuting, TRCNG officially disbanded in March 2022. It also confirmed that on March 26, 2022, Hohyeon’s contract with TS Entertainment was officially terminated. As a farewell, Hohyeon and the rest member left some letters to the fans regarding the group’s disbandment.

Hohyeon wrote a message through his personal Instagram account, he thanked and apologize to the fans who have been supporting him and the members since day one. He also promised the fans that he wouldn’t forget every single detail from his debut day until the last moment as a part of TRCNG.

Then, what would he do after the group’s disbandment? After Hohyeon’s contract with TS Entertainment was terminated, he hasn’t signed up yet with another agency. From his Instagram post, Hohyeon also didn’t show news regarding his new project, but many fans believed that Hohyeon will continue his activity in the entertainment industry.

That’s everything about Hohyeon of TRCNG! Although his career with the group has ended, we hope that Hohyeon can have another bright future ahead. Let’s give him lots of love and support! Well, what do you guys think about Hohyeon? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!