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Don’t Miss Out The Top 5 Retro And Futuristic Songs From Triple H

Triple H Top 5 Retro and Futuristic Songs
Triple H

Let’s Check Out The Retro And Futuristic Songs From Triple H

Triple H is a South Korean band. Triple H is a co-ed group that consists of 3 members: Hyuna (ex-4Minute), Hui and E’Dwan (Pentagon members). The band debuted on May 1st, 2017, under Cube Entertainment. Following Hyuna & E’Dawn’s departure from Cube Entertainment, Triple H presumably disbanded sometime in late 2018. The trio has made songs and released some video music.​ So, let’s get up close and personal with their music and their retro and futuristic pieces of work. Everyone who listens to their songs can feel their energy and vibes. Not only that, but you must also want to know all about their unique songs. We will tell you everything about them. Do you want to learn more? Byeol Korea will provide you with all the relevant information and all the facts you need to know. Keep reading.

365 Fresh

Triple H

The song was released on May 3rd, 2017. “365 Fresh” is the lead track on Triple H’s first EP, 199X. This extended play is a 90s-inspired album featuring three other songs that draw on that era’s musical styles. For such an upbeat song, some people have said that “365 Fresh” presents a bit of a split personality when it comes to its music video. Though the inspiring message of the lyrics is about living a free, or fresh life and being unique, the single was accompanied by a nostalgic video that revels in the ultimate escape, suicide.

Even though, Triple H doesn’t put enough of their own flavor into the song to make it sound less generic. However, the music video is cinematic gold and each member deserves recognition for their acting performances. The chemistry between the members is solid and hopefully, the same amount of thought and attention to detail will be put into future endeavors.

Retro Future

Triple H

The song was released in 2018 and made everyone who heard it feel like they went to another era. The music video begins with the trio jumping in a blue convertible. This can be interpreted as a continuation from the “365 Fresh” music video which ended with the members leaping off a bridge. The trio arrives at a posh house, their arms are laden with flowers and balloons.

“Retro Future” falls in the middle of Triple H’s three-track new single album, Retro Futurism. The album begins with the upbeat and electro-funk track. In this track, the artists boast about their carefree attitude. It kicks off with an electric guitar riff before breaking into a pinging swing-beat. The composition of the song as well as the brash delivery of the lyrics makes up for their clichéd nature — it feels like the singers are telling us to rock the party.


“Feeling” was released on July 18th, 2018. This hip-hop song was lit. It’s not a bad tune, but it’s a bit repetitive. There could have been more going on, but a lot of this song just felt like so much filler. Song with interesting synth lines, and much more of an even line distribution. It’s hip-hop during the main verses which hit the right chords and the song was so easy listening. It’s a decent party tune, especially if you have it on in the background. The rest of the songs are a little different from what we might expect from Triple H, but not too much. We will like their hip-hop influences and they make this song really fun.

Show Me

“Show ME” is lighter fare, it’s sort of a soft pop song. It limits the rapping to a couple of segments here and there, and they’re not jarring, despite the softer melody. It’s a pretty, refreshing tune, and a nice comedown from the faster tempos of the first two tracks. And also the song is really fun and easy listening to listen in the middle of the day.



Just like the title, “Sunflower” is a song of the pop-funk genre. As the mini-album is titled 199X, it’s only fair that the opener reminds the listener of the bold, fun style that the decade is remembered for. It’s an enjoyable opening track, it will take you in another fresh feeling.

As the album’s main single, some people said that it is the best song of the four. It follows on from “Sunflower” in a logical manner too, indicating clear thought in the order in which the songs appear. This song makes some adding to the glitzy and vibrant atmosphere in the 199X album. The quirky music video fits the song’s atmosphere perfectly too.


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