All About Transformation of T-ARA’s Hyomin from a Girl Group Member to a Solo Artist!



Gossip Girls is  third Japanese . T-ara’s beautiful and stunning concept and they are liked T-ara  a group of girls who enjoy their youth with their friends.

Number Nine (넘버나인)

Do You Know Me (나 어떡해)


T-ara experiments with the EDM genre with a repeating kickdrum and pulsating basslines, on this album T-ara performed with a little American EDM.

Sugar Free (슈가프리)

Nice Body


T-ara shows the crew in their sexy appearance. The concept this time is like T-ara wanting to invite their fans to continue to love them in any condition

So Crazy (완전 미쳤네)


This album is a bit more relaxed with the concept because T-ara members are seen with a natural face. The album titled Remember illustrates that between T-ara and fans will always be kept neatly in memories and will always be remembered.

Tiamo (띠아모)

What’s My Name? (내 이름은)


This album is reminiscent of their previous work, because there are some things that are funny and fun. those who have memories of their  debuted together.

What’s My Name? (내 이름은)


The title song is written by the famous  producer Publisher, who is behind EXO’s Ko Ko Bop, Taeyeon’s Fine and Red Velvet’s Red Flavor with the music video directed by Seong Changwon from Taeyeon’s Fine.  MV’s very aesthetic and the colors are amazing, they are very bright and tropical.


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