All About Transformation of Young Actress Kim Yoo-jung Into Teenager Actress!


Meet Beautiful Actress,  Kim Yoo-Jung

Kim Yoo-Jung is an actress that has many talents. She has starred in many K-dramas that have started her on her way to becoming a famous actress like Song Hye-Kyo and Park Shin-Hye. Want to find out more info about Kim Yoo-Jung? Keep reading!

Kim Yoo-jung’s Childhood Photos

Kim Yoo-jung has been in the public eye since she was a child. Since that time, her face hasn’t really changed at all, which proves that she was already beautiful from her youth.

Kim Yoo-jung’s Debut as a Child Actress

The Moon Embracing The Sun as 13-year-old Heo Yeon-woo (2012)

Kim Yoo-jung appeared like a princess. He has a very beautiful face that makes anyone who sees it will like it. She deserves the role of a queen or princess in a drama.

She have very beautiful face! what do you think about this?

Dong Yi as young Dong-yi 

She is very suitable for any role in the drama!

What happenned? Why her face like that?

She’s very smart in this drama because her acting very good.

Commitment as  Li Hye-in, Myung-hoon’s younger sister (2013)

Kim Yoo-jung is still suitable for the role of being a teenager!

Why her crying? Someone else can help her?

Golden Rainbow as teenage Baek-won (2013)

Well, she looks very cute when wearing school uniforms!

May Queen as young Hae-joo (2012)

Thanks to this movie Kim Yoo-jung became the actress who was most awaited by her fans!

Kim Yoo-jung’s have smile like Angel!

What happened with her face?

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