All About Transformation of Kim Yoo-jung (Child Pictures, Debut, Teenager, and Mature Actress)


Kim Yoo-jung as a High School Student in Angry Mom

The drama Angry Mom tells the story of a woman who was once the most feared troublemaker and legendary fighter of the girls at her Busan high school, Jo Kang-ja. When she gets pregnant in her late teens, she drops out of school and tries to become a responsible mother to her daughter, Oh Ah-ran.

Kim Yoo-jung plays Oh Ah-ran, the high school student who, in her teens, becomes the target of the school bullies who make her life hell. She’s too proud to tell her mother what’s happening. When Kang-ja finds out that her daughter is getting bullied, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Despite being bullied in school, Oh Ah-ran (Kim Yoo-jung) has a good boyfriend, Hong Sang-tae, that was played by B1A4’s Baro. They built good chemistry as a high school couple when they were together.


Romantic Drama in Love in the Moonlight

In 2016, Kim Yoo-jung came back with a new drama, Love in The Moonlight. In this drama, Kim Yoo-jung was one of the main characters, and partnered with actor Park Bo-gum. Love in The Moonlight is romantic drama which is a coming-of-age story and youth romance set during the 19th-century Joeseon Dynasty. A coming of age story about Crown Prince Lee Yeong’s growth from a boy to a revered monarch, and his unlikely relationship with the eunuch, Hong Ra-on.

Kim Yoo-jung was cast as Hong Ra-on, who’s a girl that’s popular and street-smart, and was raised as a boy by her mother. She makes a living by disguising herself as a male relationship counselor and romance novel author, under the name Sam-nom. She eventually became a eunuch of Yeong.

As the leading lady, Kim Yoo-jung, with her natural beauty, fixes so much with her character in this historical romantic drama.

Her chemistry with Park Bo-gum gave viewers goosebumps and melted their hearts. Beautiful Kim Yoo-jung and handsome Park Bo-gum make everyone buy into a fantasy love story like Love in The Moonlight. How fun and romantic they are!

More Mature Role in Clean with Passion For Now

Clean With Passion For Now was television drama series based on the popular webtoon of the same title, by Aengo. it was first published by KakaoPage in 2013, and was later published by Comico Korea, in 2015.

The story tells about Gil Oh-sol, an employee at a cleaning company, who meets Jang Seon-gyul, the boss of the company. The two are diametric opposites when it comes to cleanliness. With Oh-sol’s help, Seon-gyul faces his mysophobia (pathological fear of contamination and germs) and he falls in love with her.

In the drama, Kim Yoo-jung played as Gil Oh-sol, a girl with a positive personality. She doesn’t really care about dirtiness and possesses a strong stomach. She has a father and a younger brother, Gil Oh-dol, who is a Tae kwon do athlete.

Kim Yoo-jung showed her professional acting. She played the girl with a beautiful face, natural beauty, and a caring, cheerful nature, which was the perfect combination as Gil Oh-sol. She even  showed her chemistry with her partner actor, Yoon Kyun-sang, who played as Jang Seon-kyul, and with her co-workers as the cleaning staff in the drama.

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