Have You Watched The Movie Train To Busan? Don’t Miss The Sequel In 2020!

Peninsula Korean Movie
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Upcoming Sequel To Train To Busan Get Ready For Peninsula in 2020!

The very successful Korean movie Train to Busan was released in May 2016. Since then the movie has gained a lot of attention, compliments, and even some awards. For those of you who haven’t heard of this film, Train To Busan was a story about a zombie outbreak in several areas in South Korea, including Busan. Did you know that Train To Busan is about to get a sequel? Through this article, Byeol Korea will give you the details about that, so stay tuned!

Since 2018, there was already talk that Train To Busan would have a sequel and it was filmed the following year. Then finally, we got the good news! Train To Busan‘s sequel will reportedly be released in 2020. And if you want to know more about the sequel, here are some of the details!

What Is New in Train To Busan 2?

Peninsula Korean Movie

For those of you who have already watched Train To Busan first, you might have been a little confused by the ending of that movie, since it left audiences wondering what the real ending would look like. You can finally get the full answer in Peninsula! The movie was directed by Yeon Sang-ho, and he revealed a little spoiler for the Peninsula storyline, as well!

Peninsula has a different setting compared to Train To Busan. The sequel is set about four years after the zombie outbreak era in Train To Busan. Yeon Sang-ho said that the storyline of Peninsula would be really different than Train To Busan. There will also be a lot of struggle and shocking experience as people attempt to cope with the zombie outbreak!

If Train To Busan was focused around the station and around the train, then Peninsula has a broader scope. It was also revealed that the sequel will tell a story about some of the characters who were looking for a cure in the zombie outbreak. Besides those people, there are also a bunch of people who are trying to avoid being attacked by the zombies, so they don’t also become infected.

For those of you who are already eager for Peninsula‘s release, you have to be a little bit more patient. It was reported that the new movie will be released in August 2020 in South Korea! The release date will be different in certain countries, and probably a bit later than the Korean release. Just stay tuned!

The New Cast

Since the sequel will totally different from Train To Busan, there are going to be some new characters in Peninsula! One of them is Jung Suk, played by actor Kang Dong-won. He is one of the soldiers who could runaway from the zombie outbreak.

He went back to the area of the outbreak with some other people because they were looking for a cure for the zombie infection. During his trip, Jung Suk met with some people who also survived from the zombie attack four years ago.

Not only that, Kang Dong-won would also have another company character, and it was actress Lee Jung-hyun, who played Min Jung. Both of them were struggling to survive together during the zombie outbreak!

In Train To Busan, one of the characters is a little girl named Soo An, who is played by Kim Soo-ahn. In Peninsula, there’s still a little girl character, but this time it was played by Lee Re, who was cast as Joon Yi. It has also been reported that Joon Yi would survive the zombie outbreak along with Min Jung.


In addition, there will be other interesting characters, such as a life-saver soldier! He will be played by actor Kwon Hae-hyo, and his name is Kim Noh-in. He is a veteran from the military, and is struggling to survive along with Jung Suk, Min Jung, and Joon Yi.

Well, some of the new actors in Peninsula just make us more excited to see the movie as soon as possible, right? Let’s wait together!

New Title For Sequel

Finally, we know the name for the sequel of Train To Busan! It is titled Peninsula. Even though the title is really different than the first movie, Director Yeon Sang-ho also gave the explanation about that, as well. In Train To Busan the government system in Korea was broken due to the zombie outbreak, so there’s nothing left for the geographical location. That’s why the sequel was called Peninsula, also known as Bando.

Yeon Sang-ho revealed that he was also inspired by certain movies during the process of making Peninsula. Some of the movies were Mad Max, The Road, and Land of The Dead. Besides those movies, he also said that another source of inspiration came from comics such as Dragon Head and Akira.

Yeon Sang-ho said that he found it interesting to make a movie about rebuilding a world after the cruelty in the past or the destruction in a modern world with its own rules. That’s why he got really excited about making Peninsula.

That was all of the information about Train To Busan 2, or Peninsula, that you need to know! Even though Train To Busan already gained a lot of attention, don’t worry! Peninsula will have its own share of thrills, and will be really different from the first movie, but will have the same amazing appearance, as well! Let’s wait patiently for the movie in 2020, and give your opinions later!

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