Let’s Check Out Traditional Korean Sweets! Also Introducing Mochi and Yakgwa Recipes!

If you want to have them as a gift, you can buy the Korean confectionary sweets you want here


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A department store and a large supermarket are sure to have a Korean restaurant section. An assortment of Korean cakes in a cosmetic box is displayed beautifully, and there seem to be many people who buy it as a gift or for souvenir.

For people who want to make souvenirs to Japan but you don’t want it big, Korean confectionery sold at convenience stores and supermarkets is recommended.

It is convenient for souvenirs because it sells from 1 piece to mini size items. First, try eating yourself and try buying it if you think it is delicious.

Let’s make a traditional stall snack hotpot


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Hotteok became a staple of stalls. It is not traditional sweets, but Hotteok is also a sweet rice cake. We will tell you the recipe of Hotteok which can be made at home.

  • First of all, let’s make a mochi dough.
  • Recently, even in the supermarket etc. Hotteok is on sale.
  • If not, it is good to mix the hot cake mix and the white rice flour at a ratio of 2: 1.
  • Add the water to the powder little by little and softly stretch it, wrap it with brown sugar and finely crushed nuts in it.
  • At this time, if you put oil on your palm, the fabric will not stick to your hands.
  • Baked on both sides with a lot of oil and it is finished.
  • You can make it by substituting ingredients like cheese, chocolate, kimchi etc.

Recipe of confectionery which can be easily made introduce


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We will introduce the recipe of confectionery which can be easily made, but please understand that it is not a traditional way of making.

Wheat flour 70 g, rice flour 40 g, sesame oil 1 tbsp, honey 1 tbsp, cinnamon teaspoon 2, grated ginger 1 tsp, water 1 tbsp.

  • Make a round and flat shaped medicine and shape it slowly with a lower amount of oil.
  • Make fried confections with soup or honey in hot water for over half a day and finished.
  • About 30 pieces can be made with this material.
  • If you get something like a moist donut, think it is a success first.

There is also an assortment so you can taste various Korean dishes at once. We have introduced Korean traditional confectionery, but the ones introduced here is only a part. If you go to Korea, please don’t forget to go to the Korean restaurant specialty store. A surprising Korean confectionery is lined up colorfully.